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  • Duel   ********
    icon This is a simple two player deathmatch game. The two people play head to head against each other (same keyboard) in an attmpt to destroy their opponent's little ship. Currently there are four weapons, a fairly good partical system, and some extra ...
  • Duel 2   *********
    icon This game is the sequal to my 2 player deathmatch game Duel. It includes much of the same classic gameplay, plus a tonne of new features. There are one and two player games with a lot of new weapons. Play seven games modes, and in the two player Duel ...
  • Duel3   ********
    This incarnation of the Duel series features eight different playable ships each with unique super weapons, and distinct attributes. There are many game modes that are extremely customizable. For example, the classic two-player duel mode can now be ...
  • My Entry for Christmashack 2008. Gameplay: You must save all of the Christmas elfs by knocking off their mind control hats, but watch out, before you knock their hats off they are hostile and will hurt you if you touch them. Knock their hats off by ...
  • The gameplay is simple yet fun. In order to pay the the ransom to get his girlfriend back, a pirate must try and steal a leprechaun's gold. Problem is, the leprechaun finds out, and you have to race him to it. The gameplay consists of the pirate ...
  • icon You control a bottle of ketchup that walks around the maps trying to rescue fries. It is a classic platformer; its easy to play and lots of fun. Once you rescure all of the fries you can step on the exit pad to beat the level. It also includes special ...
  • icon This is Revenge of the Ketchup 2: Tomato Paste, the sequal to my side scroller Revenge of the Ketchup. This game follows the same type of gameplay, a jumping and exploration side scroller. You must collect all of the fries and cheeses, while avoiding the ...
  • icon This is an early demo of my curling game. Right now the players can throw rocks and progress from one end to the next. The scoring system also works. There is no limit to the number of end that you play, and it is missing a lot of functionality, but ...
  • icon There has been a semi-major change to the game. I noticed that the game wasn't really any fun, so I decided to try and change that a bit. I've changed the balancing of the enemies, and tured the levels into a forced scrolling type. As a result, ...
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