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Andrei Ellman

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Andrei Ellman has rated 38 projects with an average score of 6.61
Alix   ****
There's just lots of shooting going on and not much of a game here. With lots of tweaking, it could be turned into an Asteroids-like game.
Balls   ********
Very impressive considering that everything in the game was done in just 48 hours! There were only 10 levels which I completed too quickly, but at least it comes with instructions for adding your own levels.
Chaos Funk   ********
An interesting and addictive turn-based stratergy game where your wizard does battle with other wizards that can cast spells. Keeps calling you back for more. Well presented (for a ZX Spectrum remake), but could have been better if it went beyond being a ZX Spectrum remake.
Dynamic Color Gradient Generator   ********
icon A fun program where you can spend ages experimenting with the paramaters to create colourful images based on primitives. Still a few minor bugs that need ironing out.
Firecrow   ********
A vertical-scroller shoot-em-up game with power-ups a bit like Tyrian, but not as polished. Could do with some more levels.
Flatch   ********
icon A nice and simple game with some polish. Lacks variety and I would have prefered it if I could collect powerups when my bubble is flashing, but you want to keep playing. I liked the music and the SFX.
Funnies 3d   ******
icon OMG they're alive! The screen is filled with nice to watch 'worms' wriggling around the place. Does get a bit repetitive after a while, but still, nice to watch.
Hello! Allegro!   ******
Pretty much a short bog standard old-skool demo, but hey, it's got our avatars in it.
Ibiza Insurgency   ******
icon A maze-based game with little variation and way too few levels. I did like the silly plot the game is based on.
Icy Tower   ********
icon The plot is simple, yet I'm sucked in to it. I feel compelled to try new & inovative ways to jump up to the platforms. The game is well polished in a cool kind of way. I like the titlescreen music & the ability to download other characters. Perhaps a few more game-play elements could be introduced.
Magic Maze   ******
icon Interesting idea. As well as a puzzle game, it can be a stratergy game where you prevent the other players getting to their treasure. Seeing the perspective is in 3D, the sprites could become small 3D models. Plays better with more players.
Mind Bowling   *****
icon This is a clone of the "Brain Bowler" subgame of "Purple Saturn Day". It would have been fun to play, but I found it hard to predict where the cursor would land when I pressed 'control'. Needs a lot of polish, and the cursor needs to be made clearer and less flickery.
Molecule   ********
Build molecules with the atoms you're given - an interesting idea. Nicely presented, but I found I didn't get too absorbed in the gameplay.
Polarity   ******
Interesting new twist to a breakout game, but could do with some tweaking, better graphics, and polish.
PuffBOMB (Prototype)   ********
icon Original game concept with cartoony graphics. Sometimes, the positioning of the bombs can be a bit awkward, but you'll get the hang of it soon.
Purple Martians   ********
icon A nice platform/puzzle game. Needs more polish and there's still a few small bugs, but I'm hooked.
Rafkill   ********
A very playable but repetitive Tyrian-like vertical scrolling shoot-em-up. Even though the levels get harder, the levels sort of feel the same. There's plenty of upgrades to buy at the shop and try out.
RailRunner (a.k.a Stinsen)   ********
icon A game where you move cargo with trains and you control which way the train-tracks lead to. Great puzzle game! This could truly be something wonderful when it's finished.
Rain Simulation Demo   ******
icon Nice effect. The program that demonstrates it lets you tweak the paramaters of the rain-effect, but playing with rain gets a bit boring after a while. Comes with sourcecode.
Rebound   ********
icon Nice Breakout clone. I play this game often. Unfortunately, the ball sometimes gets stuck in a loop. Sometimes if I wait for ages, it gets unstuck.
Reflexion   ******
icon A breakout clone with a few bits of eye-candy. I found the pace of the game to be a bit slow. Liked the music though.
Rock 'n' Spin   ********
icon An emu-based Boulderdash clone. Collect diamonds, make boulders fall and solve puzzles. You can really get into this game. Nicely polished with nice music, but I still like the original Boulderdash better.
Sopwith   ****
Scroll through the landscape and shoot the buildings etc. I found the controls awkward and kept managing to bomb myself in mid-air.
SpaceyShooter   ****
icon A space-shooter with somewhat limited gameplay. The presentation is poor - especially the shop. The gameplay needs tweaking as well as being made more deep.
Super Monster Painter Extreme   ********
icon Great graphics and music give the game a polished feel. An interesting idea, but the gameplay de-generates into button-bashing after a while.
Takatron   ******
This game is based on Robotron/Llamatron. If used to either of these, you may find the characters a bit big and get in the way. Has some interesting graphical effects that can become annoying, but fortunately, can be turned off. A version is available that runs in an arcade cabinet with ArcadeOS.
Villages and Cities   ********
icon I find I can be very absorbed by this game and want to keep building my cities. Only problem is the gameplay can become a bit repetitive after a while, but fortunately, new features are going to be added.
Weed   *******
icon A horizontally scrolling shoot-em up that pulls me in. Good graphics, but sometimes, the keyboard controls are a bit awkward. However, there's a bug where if you die at the same time as the end-of-level monster then you don't advance to the next level.
WormHole   ********
A captivating screensaver. You get the impression you are travelling through a tunnel lined with stars. This has the potential to be turned into a game where you must fly through this tunnel.
Yiff!   ****
This is a competitive puzzler. Although it requires some skill, it does not have much depth, and in 1 player mode, did not keep my interest up long. Has a 2 player mode and some nice music.
YinYang   ******
A nice to look at effect that does get repetitive. As it comes with the sourcecode, you are inclined to find out how it works. The sourcecode is small and tidy, and it makes it look a lot simpler than it is.
Zep's Dreamland   ********
icon Interesting idea for a puzzle-game with retro/cartoony graphics. Kept me occupied, but there's too few levels!
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