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Depot Games: Dynamic Color Gradient Generator

Current Version: beta2f

Project Status: Beta Release

Links: Web Site

Category: Utilities

Developers: Dennis

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: A tool to create beautyful and interesting color gradients in arbitrary resolutions. It does so by effecting the appearance of every pixel in a bitmap by applying the influence of parametrized objects, i like to call "color attractors".
For more info:
See the projects readme. Also, the screenshots can probably tell more than mere words ever could.


Name Comments Size Date 438,377 07/31/2015 7:27 AM

What's New:

recompiled and fixed for Windows7

Changelist BETA -> BETA2:
The most important changes from a USERs point of view are probably the added convenience of editing
attractors by clicking in the preview field:

leftclick - sets position of the attractor
rightclick or key R - set range of the attractor
middleclick or key D - set dimensions of an attractor (radius for circles, w,h for ellipse and pointe)
key A - sets the rotation angle of the attractor (angle is calculated from the vector that spans
between attractor position and mouse cursor position)

(copy-pasted from my todo-list, hence it reads as if these were tasks still todo)
(v)write click/keypress and associated setting of edit fields to attractor ->
(v)click - position (all except global)
(v)rightclick or R (range, different for circle and ellipse)
(v)mclick or D (radius for circles, width height for ellipse and pointe)
(v)A (angle)

(v)fix some visual glitch(restoring backbuffer, before running frontbuffer dialog)
(v)fix save as cancel SAVE FAILED bug
(v)change 1,4096 clamping behaviour of dimension dialogs to perform only "on lostfocus"
(v)optimize datatransfer between edit fields and generator to perform only "on enter || on lostfocus"
(v)allow resolutions higher than 800x600 stretch preview field then
(v)allow moving of attractors up and down the list
(v)change callback function to be called on milliseconds elapsed, not values processed
(v)fix wrong ELLIPSE behaviour(throw it out!, promote ELLIPSEP to ELLIPSE!)
(v)make load function interprete ELLIPSE as ELLIPSEP
(v)remove old ELLIPSE from interface, generator
(v)make export code dialog
(v)add autorecalculate check item to options menu
(v) add drawing of small position and angle indicating lines when bitmap has mouse focus
(v) add makefiles

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.0
  • 8Excilent algorithms... I love everything you can do with this!! Yet, I'm going to remain fairly pickey. The GUI is still a little...basic? The only thing that I could see enhancing in this program is the GUI. I give it a 4!
  • 8A fun program where you can spend ages experimenting with the paramaters to create colourful images based on primitives. Still a few minor bugs that need ironing out.
  • 8Whau! It's a fantastic tool for making cool images. At first you don't know how to use it, but then you start creating incredible pictures. Congratulations!
The Developer
DennisDennis inter-is. (View Profile)