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The following is a list of the highest rated games. Only projects that have met the minimum number of opinions are listed.
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KiGB is a portable Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Super Gameboy Emulator written in ANSI C. It provides the best compatibility and accuracy amongst the existing ones. KiGB may be the first Gameboy emulator in successfully emulated the Game Link Cable via a network. Now, you can play games via a network with your friends. A Mac OS port is also available by Richard Bannister. Visit his web site at ...

Rating: **********   Category: Emulators   Developer: Ricky Liu  

Rebels And Lords

Fight for survival! In this multi-player online game, you'll need both luck and strategy if you want to succeed. With up to three other lords and the dark rebels against you, it won't be easy! Coded for the 2005 SpeedHack competition, this game follows the classic C64 look. A handful of few bright colors with a lowly 320x200 resolution. The biggest improvement of the original game is ...

Rating: **********   Category: Strategy   Developer: Matthew Leverton   OS: OS X, Windows  

Zelda Classic

Zelda Classic is a highly functional and well-supported customizable remake of The Legend of Zelda for the NES. While it began as a simple clone of the original game, it extended far beyond that to become a comprehensive editing suite, allowing anybody to create their own Zelda style games, with unprecedented levels of customizability, all without having to rely on complex scripts. Programmed ...

Rating: **********   Category: Adventure   Developer: jman2050   OS: Linux, Windows  

The Pickles

The Pickles is a game combining puzzles and a little action. The Pickles of Pickle Island are determined to set a stop to Mecha, an ingenious villian who has turned against them. That's where you come in. King Pickleton has sent to you for help. By using the Pickles' skills, you must overcome Mecha's puzzles. The basic concept is simple. The Pickles can all push the blocks that ...

Rating: **********   Category: Puzzle   Developer: Dale M.A. Johnson   OS: Windows  


Worminator is a really awesome sidescrolling action game as an homage to the Apogee and iD classics. Worminator has many impressive features, including those listed below: -Fast, fluid scrolling -More than 9 unique weapons, and 8 different weapon types -Multiple ammunition types -Lots of gibs and shrapnel (all cartoonish, though) -Visible character damage (as you get hurt, the ...

Rating: **********   Category: Action   Developer: David Layne   OS: DOS, Windows  


A Choplifter remake with vector graphics and a twist.

Rating: **********   Category: Arcade   Developer: Paul Pridham   OS: Windows  

Operation Spacehog

A horizontal shooter with lots and lots of powerups. Fight hordes evil aliens and save the world. Features: -1 or 2 player games. -original art and graphics -almost a dozen different weapons, all upgradable -scored music -Gamepad and mouse support -fully customizable keyboard. -add-on fx for fast cpus -more than 60 secs of animated intro -intruiging plot (yeah right...) Design, ...

Rating: **********   Category: Space Shooters   Developer: Johan Peitz   OS: Windows  

Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition

Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition is the full featured sequel of the classic jump'n'run Happyland Adventures. Loads of puzzle elements, a game full of surprises. Explore the big levels and collect various fruits for bonus. Santa's helpers has all disappeared and it's up to you to find them or else Christmas will forever perish! *newsflash* Recompiled with Allegro ...

Rating: **********   Category: Platform   Developer: Johan Peitz   OS: Windows  

Blocks 3

The third in the Blocks trilogy and the winner of the puzzle game deisgn competition has arrived! New features include: * Layered levels and gravity * Linked bombs * Movable lasers and mirrors Returning features: * Level editor * 2 player mode * Bombs * Monsters * Switches and doors

Rating: **********   Category: Puzzle   Developer: An Ly   OS: DOS  

Mythic Blades

Mythic Blades is a 3d fighting game with simple 2d controls. The complete version features 10 arenas and 11 fighters, six of them available right at the start.

Rating: **********   Category: Arcade   Developer: Miguel Pineda   OS: Windows  


This is the standard Allegro Grabber utility. It allows you to add Music, Images, Fonts and all other sorts of data into a single datafile for use with the Allegro library. Note: I did not make this, I'm just posting it here for those that need a copy of it.

Rating: **********   Category: Utilities   Developer: Matthew Leverton   OS: Windows  

Bamboozle Machinae II

Bamboozle Machinae II is a puzzle game, that combines parts of Columns, Tetris Attack and Rubik's Cube. Your task is to form at least lines of three, and gather as many points as possible. Bamboozle Machinae II spans 35 different levels, and is a single-player game.

Rating: **********   Category: Puzzle   Developer: Inphernic   OS: Windows  

dlg - a graphical DIALOG editor

This editor lets you edit Allegro DIALOG in a WYSIWYG environment. It is able to load a DIALOG definition from anywhere within a source file, and save it back at the same place when you're done, without losing anything. Unknown dialog procedures are handled gracefully. It currently supports allegro, bgui2 and AGUP, but lets you easily add support for your own gui procedures using a pluggin ...

Rating: **********   Category: Utilities   Developer: Julien Cugniere   OS: DOS, Windows  

Alex the Allegator 4

Alex the Allegator 4 is a true jump'n'run, just like the old classic ones. Guide Alex through the jungle in order to save his girlfriend Lola from evil humans who want to make a bag of her. Alex the Allegator 4 is a very small game. It runs in a very low resolution with only four colors and will not provide you with any real time video or 3D effects. Nor will it snare you with a ...

Rating: **********   Category: Platform   Developer: Johan Peitz   OS: Windows  

Purple Martians

A really cool platform game like Bubble Bobble, Lode Runner, or Super Mario. Its completely free. Features: - many fun and challenging levels - lots of items and enemies that are completely customizable with the level editor - bombs you can carry and throw - rockets you can ride and steer - movable lifts you can ride - switches that change blocks solid and back - springs that ...

Rating: **********   Category: Platform   Developer: Michael Weiss   OS: Linux, Windows  

Chaos Funk

A remake of the classic spectrum game 'Chaos': A multi player, turn based, fantasy war game. Each player takes on the role of a wizard and attempts to kill the other wizards by casting spells or summoning creatures to attack them. Wizards start off with a random selection of spells and must use them strategically to win. Some spells can be used to make the wizard more powerful by giving ...

Rating: **********   Category: Strategy   Developer: Richard Phipps   OS: Windows  


An arcade style mission based shooter: Featuring 8 way directional movement and firing, completely destructable terrain, 50 missions and 24 different collectable weapons! 50 Missions to complete. 24 Different Weapons to collect. Switch between 4 different weapons. 8 Way Directional Thrust for superior control. 8 Way Directional Firing for accurate aiming. Many Missions feature ...

Rating: **********   Category: Space Shooters   Developer: Richard Phipps   OS: Windows  

Zep's Dreamland

On one very quiet and wonderful night Zep falls asleep and has quite a strange dream. He is trapped in a dreamland where almost anything goes! As much as he wants to wake up, he cannot; unless he travels completely through it, visiting each different section he dreams up. In his dreams, Zep has very special abilities which allow him to create blocks which will help him along through his dreampt-up ...

Rating: *********   Category: Puzzle   Developer: Ultio   OS: Linux, OS X, Windows  

Icy Tower

Harold the Homeboy has decided to climb a huge tower he found the other day. It's up to you to help him get as high as possible without falling down, and collect extra score by doing cool moves on the way. Icy Tower is a fun and short, yet addictive game where your only goal is to gain as much score as possible. This can be done in two ways. By getting as high as possible (you get points ...

Rating: *********   Category: Arcade   Developer: Johan Peitz   OS: Windows  

Atomic Butcher

ATOMIC BUTCHER V 1.1 This game is a jump'n'run with strong emphasis on action and violence. It takes place in a post-nuclear world, and you play the role of a strong but dumb mutant who is sent out by the leaders of the shelter he used to spend his rotten life in in order to bring home meat (because the food reserves run low). So much for the story. The controls are very ...

Rating: *********   Category: Platform   Developer: DasHumankapital   OS: Windows  

Fenix Blade

A console-style rpg that features extremely vidid characterization and a surprisingly thought-provoking story. The engine has recently been completed, and construction of the game is progressing quickly. The engine features multiple levels of parallax, a simple particle system, ambient sound effects, fog/smoke/rain/snow and miscellaneous environment effects, pixel scrolling, texture mapped ...

Rating: *********   Category: Role Playing   Developer: Sirocco   OS: DOS  

Frenetic Plus

Suit up once more in this complete remake and massive expansion of Frenetic. Plow your way through 33 missions as you struggle to reach Earth from the opposite side of the galaxy. Set enemy suits ablaze with missile packs, warp time-space with your special weapons, and unleash wanton destruction with seven suits and fifteen guns. Take on gigantic boss suits, and claim their technology to create ...

Rating: *********   Category: Space Shooters   Developer: Sirocco   OS: DOS, Windows  

Allegro Sprite Editor

ASE is a program specially designed with facilities to create animated sprites that can be used in some video game. This program let you create from static images, to characters with movement, textures, patterns, backgrounds, logos, color palettes, and any other thing that you think.

Rating: *********   Category: Utilities   Developer: David Capello   OS: Windows  


An arcade-style game for 1 or 2 players (splitscreen, cooperative or duel). It's sort of a cross between Spacewar and Centipede, if that makes any sense. You fight your way through many levels full of strange creatures and machines, upgrading your chosen craft as you go along. The graphics and sounds are decidedly retro-arcade-style. It's hard, but you get better with practice. ...

Rating: *********   Category: Space Shooters   Developer: Linley Henzell   OS: DOS  


XOP is a 2D arcade-style vertical shooter. Designed by shooter fans, XOP's challenging levels and manic gameplay will push your skills to their limit. Destroy hundreds of enemies and weave through vicious, screen-flooding firepower in 8 levels of pure shoot-em-up action. Can you survive?

Rating: *********   Category: Arcade   Developer: Christopher Emirzian   OS: Windows  
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