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Zelda Classic

Zelda Classic is a highly functional and well-supported customizable remake of The Legend of Zelda for the NES. While it began as a simple clone of the original game, it extended far beyond that to become a comprehensive editing suite, allowing anybody to create their own Zelda style games, with unprecedented levels of customizability, all without having to rely on complex scripts. Programmed ...

Rating: **********   Category: Adventure   Developer: jman2050   OS: Linux, Windows  

Diablo II Map Editor

Diablo II DS1 Editor, and its sources. This is a WYSIWYG map editor for Blizzard's Diablo II and its expansion, Lord of Destruction. A knowledge of the Diablo II Moding in general will help to use it. Making a Map editor for Diablo 2 is a never-ending quest, it'll never be good enough ;) Not mentioning that there's still some unknown datas (but very few). Well, editing a .DS1 ...

Rating: *********   Category: Utilities   Developer: PaulSiramy   OS: Windows  


This is the standard Allegro Grabber utility. It allows you to add Music, Images, Fonts and all other sorts of data into a single datafile for use with the Allegro library. Note: I did not make this, I'm just posting it here for those that need a copy of it.

Rating: **********   Category: Utilities   Developer: Matthew Leverton   OS: Windows  
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Worms for Linux!

Worms for Linux! is a turn-based strategy game with worms waging war against each other. It's just like Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party but it uses original art, sounds, blood, and everything.

Rating:   Category: Strategy   Developer: peelemachine  

Alex the Allegator 4

Alex the Allegator 4 is a true jump'n'run, just like the old classic ones. Guide Alex through the jungle in order to save his girlfriend Lola from evil humans who want to make a bag of her. Alex the Allegator 4 is a very small game. It runs in a very low resolution with only four colors and will not provide you with any real time video or 3D effects. Nor will it snare you with a ...

Rating: **********   Category: Platform   Developer: Johan Peitz   OS: Windows  
from 19

BIG GUNS (The Battleship Simulator)

New Version 3.3!!! - Updated 06/09/2000 Harpoon Cruise Missiles with 300 feet streaming vapor trails, new HELP screen,zoom on grid option, more radar aids, ships make random turns, menu option to play guns only game. Bigguns is a 3D Battleship Simulator Game. Features U. S. Navy Iowa class gun ranges(23 miles max range). Accurate ship lengths, radars, movement, accurate gun hits. Split ...

Rating: **********   Category: Action   Developer: Don Christie   OS: DOS  

The Devil

The Devil has grown weary of his prescribed antics and sets out on a journey to have a little talk with God. The denizens of Hell are trying to prevent him from making the journey so he must take them all out. Hordes of demons are closing in on you and you must try to survive while wiping them out. Collect their remains to increase your multiplier and rack up insane scores! The Devil ...

Rating: *********   Category: Arcade   Developer: Todd Cope   OS: Linux, OS X, Windows  


HeroQuest is a turnbased computer game in a fantasy setting, Inspired on MB's and Games Workshop's boardgame 'HeroQuest'. It focuses on four different heroes working through various quests, encountering foes ranging from goblins to chaos warriors. You can play the original campaign, additional quests or wander the self generating magic dungeon. A user friendly quest editor is ...

Rating: *********   Category: Role Playing   Developer: Gerwin Broers   OS: Windows  

Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition

Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition is the full featured sequel of the classic jump'n'run Happyland Adventures. Loads of puzzle elements, a game full of surprises. Explore the big levels and collect various fruits for bonus. Santa's helpers has all disappeared and it's up to you to find them or else Christmas will forever perish! *newsflash* Recompiled with Allegro ...

Rating: **********   Category: Platform   Developer: Johan Peitz   OS: Windows  
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Adagio is a shoot-em-up (shmup) based upon such classics as R-Type, Gradius, Project X and ThunderForce. It features retro classic gameplay along with a detailed, anime-like story. Along with graphics stylistically appropriate for the late 80's/early 90's, it features detailed bosses and secrets in every level. If you like games from the height of the shmup golden age, then this game ...

Rating: **********   Category: Space Shooters   Developer: David Grace   OS: Windows  


EOF is a song editor for the game Frets On Fire. The aim of EOF is to provide a simple process with which to create songs for Frets On Fire. Just provide an OGG file and spend a little time designing note charts and EOF will save in the appropriate format for use with Frets On Fire. No additional steps or conversions necessary!

Rating:   Category: Other   Developer: Todd Cope   OS: OS X, Windows  

Red Pixel

Platform deathmatch game played over a serial connection or LAN. Lots and lots and lots of blood (a.k.a. red pixels) and nice gorey death sequences. Can record and playback demos, and edit maps. Now includes a stupid AI player.

Rating: **********   Category: Platform   Developer: Peter Wang   OS: Windows  


My Speedhack 2002 B entry. Quite a simple game, but why not add it here as well? :)

Rating: *********   Category: Board Games   Developer: Elias   OS: Windows  
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A re-written version of LANDER!, based on the Lander 2 source code. Features smooth transitions between levels, ooooh! Navigate your way through the solar system! Lander featurs 9 colorful planets to explore and master. Can you land on each planet without crashing or running out of fuel? Play this addictive game of arcade action and strategic keypressing to find out!

Rating: *******   Category: Arcade   Developer: StevenVI   OS: Windows  

Allegro Font Editor

Allegro Font Editor is a simple bitmap editor specialized for editing bitmap fonts for Allegro. You can use it to create monochrome or coloured fonts from scratch or you can convert existing fonts into the font format used by the Grabber tool. Supports a lot of font formats including bitmap, BIOS, GRX, True Type and Type1 fonts. Source code is included.

Rating: *********   Category: Utilities   Developer: miran   OS: Windows  

Sound Wave Generator

This is a small software utility that allows you to create sound sample from scratch. No recording or special equipment required, only a simple computer will do. The sample is created by setting a series of parameters based on 3 categories : Wave form, Sound Envelope and Pitch Gradient. You can save these parameters as a SWG file or you can export the the generated sample as a WAV.

Rating: *********   Category: Utilities   Developer: larienna   OS: Windows  

Castle Adventure

An old text game that I took and made it into an allegro game. You are trapped in a castle. You must find a way to get out while killing baddies and collecting goodies. The map is the same as the old game.

Rating: *******   Category: Adventure   Developer: DanielH   OS: Windows  
from 14

Super Metroid Classic

NOTE: We have discontinued our work on SMTC due to increasingly busy personal lives. We may be releasing the source sometime in the future, but that remains undecided. An allegro remake of the original Super Metroid(1994 Nintendo) for the PC, completely moddable and editable. Presently in beta stages, adding support for custom colours, speed boosting, etc at this point. The random enemies ...

Rating: ********   Category: Adventure   Developer: SaltyJustice   OS: Windows  
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Sword of Fargoal remake

This is a remake of the game Sword of Fargoal, created by Jeff McCord in 1982.

Rating: ********   Category: Role Playing   Developer: Elias   OS: OS X, Windows  
from 6


KiGB is a portable Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Super Gameboy Emulator written in ANSI C. It provides the best compatibility and accuracy amongst the existing ones. KiGB may be the first Gameboy emulator in successfully emulated the Game Link Cable via a network. Now, you can play games via a network with your friends. A Mac OS port is also available by Richard Bannister. Visit his web site at ...

Rating: **********   Category: Emulators   Developer: Ricky Liu  
from 13

Dune II - The Maker

A real-time strategy game. A 'as true yet inovative as it can get' clone of Dune 2. Titled "The Maker", referring to Shai Hulud (the sandworm, maker of spice on the planet Dune). I am addicted to Dune 2, to RTS gaming and to programming. The result is obvious; constantly trying to write my own rts game using the dune 2 graphics, but enhancing it. Source code is ...

Rating: *********   Category: Strategy   Developer: Stefan Hendriks   OS: Windows  

Tetris Unlimited

This is another Tetris clone, but it will have a lot of improvements like multiplayer games (up to 4 players at once) players statistics and can be configured in some ways: music, backgrounds and multi language support (now is in spanish, english, polish and catalonian). This playable version includes the normal mode (up to 4 players), cooperative and competitive modes (both for 2 to 4 players). ...

Rating: *********   Category: Tetris   Developer: Oscar Giner   OS: Windows  

Bejeweled FSV

This game is a College Project, made by students of Computer Science of UFRJ. The game was totaly developed in C language, using the library Allegro. This is our first game. We had to work hard in this project, and we made the best we could to provide a great fun for the users! So I expect that you like this game. Programers, the source code is in the zip folder to. The source code consists ...

Rating: *****   Category: Board Games   Developer: FlaUFRJ   OS: Windows  
from 18

Fenix Blade

A console-style rpg that features extremely vidid characterization and a surprisingly thought-provoking story. The engine has recently been completed, and construction of the game is progressing quickly. The engine features multiple levels of parallax, a simple particle system, ambient sound effects, fog/smoke/rain/snow and miscellaneous environment effects, pixel scrolling, texture mapped ...

Rating: *********   Category: Role Playing   Developer: Sirocco   OS: DOS  

Chaos Funk

A remake of the classic spectrum game 'Chaos': A multi player, turn based, fantasy war game. Each player takes on the role of a wizard and attempts to kill the other wizards by casting spells or summoning creatures to attack them. Wizards start off with a random selection of spells and must use them strategically to win. Some spells can be used to make the wizard more powerful by giving ...

Rating: **********   Category: Strategy   Developer: Richard Phipps   OS: Windows  
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