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Depot Games: Tetris Unlimited

Current Version: 0.5.0

Project Status: Abandoned

Highest Popularity: #1 during October 2010

Links: Web Site

Category: Tetris

Developers: Oscar Giner

Number of Players: 4 (Split Screen)

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: This is another Tetris clone, but it will have a lot of improvements like multiplayer games (up to 4 players at once) players statistics and can be configured in some ways: music, backgrounds and multi language support (now is in spanish, english, polish and catalonian). This playable version includes the normal mode (up to 4 players), cooperative and competitive modes (both for 2 to 4 players). Keyboard and joystick are supported.

A lot of game options: table size, initial and maximum level, kamikaze mode, send pieces and sending rules (multiplayer versus modes only), scoring configuration, victory condition, time limit, and others. All these options apply to all game modes.

Extra features currently are: pieze editor (you can even use your own graphics), music player screen (capable of displaying an spectrum analyzer for all formats but midi, and dot note graphic for midi music), player profiles/statistics, custom in play backgrounds.

I you have any question, request, problem you can email me at


Name Comments Size Date Source code 589,126 01/23/2007 9:53 AM
TetrisUnlimited-0.5.0-Setup.exe Windows installer 5,873,704 11/25/2006 1:44 PM

What's New:

-- 25 Octover 2003 --
New features are:
- Rafal Szyja added Polish translation.
- Edgar Juanpere updated Catalan translation.
- English and Spanish translations updated.
- Added some game mode options: table size, initial and max level, send bad lines,
kamikaze, counteract received lines, time limit, sending intervals, victory
condition, and some others.
- Added support for 4 players in normal mode
- Added support for 3 and 4 players in co-operative and competitive modes
- Added 2 vs 2 variant in co-operative mode
- Added jpg image support for backgrounds
- Nicer configuration program
- Added support for higher resolutions
- Completely new GUI
- Particle engine rendering quality improved
- Some performance issues (mainly because of a bug in the particle engine) have
been solved
- Now joystick/pad is really supported
- Added some nice animations when you break lines
- A LOT of code cleanup (but there's still a lot to do)

-- 5 June 2002 --
New features are:
- Multiplayer normal mode (2 and 3 players)
- Cooperative and competitive modes (2 players)
- Added support for mp3, mod, xm, it, s3m, wav and ogg audio files
- New utility, named mgrabber, for grabbing music files into a
'customized' datafile format which the game uses.
- Loading time decreased, because music is not loaded at startup.
- Spectrum analyzer when playing files other than midi.
- Full English translation.
- Line break effect.
- New scoring rules.
- Some bug fixes.

Now this is a playable version. It only have one player normal mode, througth. The player scores are recorded in the player statistics (there isn't a global hi-scores table yet)
You can put your own background images and make (and use) your own blocks!

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.9
  • 9Tetris clone? Look no further, this one has everything. Responsive control and clean sound. You get a nice soft click instead of an annoying 'clack' I expect from other tetris clones. Great music selection, too. The only down side (?) is too many menus and options. Just take me to the game!
  • 8Well done!Graphics(80%),sounds(85%),fun(85%) and many supproted languages. I just didn't like that some options weren't avaibale right now and that the game doesn't save your highscores.
  • 8Amazingly configurable. Great audio and visuals. Too bad it seems to have been abandoned without first implementing the crucial highscores feature.
The Developer
Oscar Giner
Oscar GinerNo bio given. (View Profile)