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Depot Games: Zep's Dreamland

Current Version: 1.02

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #20 during October 2007

Links: Web Site

Category: Puzzle

Developers: Ultio

Ports: Linux, OS X, Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: On one very quiet and wonderful night Zep falls asleep and has quite a strange dream. He is trapped in a dreamland where almost anything goes! As much as he wants to wake up, he cannot; unless he travels completely through it, visiting each different section he dreams up. In his dreams, Zep has very special abilities which allow him to create blocks which will help him along through his dreampt-up world. What kind of special places does Zep hold dear? Traveling deeper and deeper into Zep's Dreamland reveals more and more obstacles as his imagination runs wild!

The game consists of navigating Zep throughout a level to reach a certain location which allows him to advance to the next level. This is not such an easy task, however. Many obstacles will be in your path, and it is up to you to determine the best (and sometimes only way) to get around them. Zep has the ability to create special "blocks" by using the life energy from the ground he is standing on. By building the blocks in specific patterns, Zep can alter the landscape to his ability thus allowing him to reach his goal! Again, not everything is as it seems. Zep cannot build blocks while standing on top of just anything. There are many types of ground that restrict Zep's building ability. In addition to being able to create these special blocks, Zep can also destroy them.


Name Comments Size Date
zeps_dreamland.dmg.gz OS X Binary 3,907,677 05/29/2007 6:38 PM
zeps_dreamland.tar.gz Linux Binary 5,780,602 05/29/2007 6:35 PM Windows Binary 2,782,569 05/29/2007 6:36 PM

What's New:

-The game now warns the user that a game that is currently in progress will be lost if entering the Continue menu item rather than simply losing the current game's data without saying anything.

-The game now warns the user that a game that is currently in progress will be lost if entering the "Tutorial" menu item rather than simply losing the current game's data without saying anything.

-Fixed a problem in which starting a new game after loading a saved one would simply restart the loaded level, and not necessarily the first level in that level set.

-Fixed a problem in which escaping to the main menu while playing a level from a set other than the original would never show a "Resume Game" option.

-Fixed a bug in the editor which would clear our the map's contents if the "Load Map" button was selected, and then the dialog was cancelled.

-Relocated the "Last Level" button further to the right to accommodate levels saved with longer filenames.

-Removed the building of a block (if possible) upon selecting the "Resume Game" option when the build key is set to Enter.

-When using "r" to "erase" the map in the editor, the values of the scrolling background are now set to 0.

-Stopped using all deprecated functions (textprintf, for_each_file, etc) and began to use their newer counterparts.

-Fixed all slashes so now they use "/" instead of a Windows style "\\"

-Added functionality to the editor to switch between fullscreen/windowed mode on the fly via hitting the "f" key. The editor also stores the previously used mode before quitting in data/ed_settings.txt. If this becomes corrupt: 1 = fullscreen, 2 = windowed.

-Fixes a few minor bugs
-Updated (beatable) level 40

The first official completed release of Zep's Dreamland.

Fixed the turn-around delay feature. It no longer delays movement when you are already facing the direction you wish to move in.

Fixed general stuff on the levels. Changed the order around, and cleaned up messy tiles.

Added a nice scroll-text bar to the title screen! :)

Added a new effect to the teleporting system when Zep enters the teleport pad. (Not viewable in this demo).

Added option to play in either fullscreen or windowed mode

Added interlevel "stats" screen which displays information like how many blocks you've created/destroyed, steps taken, etc. for that specific level.

Added an options screen which allows the user to modify the volumes for the sound and music.

I also fixed a major bug with the teleport system. This fix is obviously unnoticeable since teleports aren't featured in the demo.

Title Screen!
Title Screen!
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 9.4
  • 9I spent the whole afternoon playing it. :) The font and graphics are way too big for my taste (Zep's portrait in the tutorial, for example) and the text is so slow I skipped the tutorial, but the gameplay and level design are awesome, better than many professional puzzle games. Great job!
  • 10Very good game! I played it for about 3 hours straight, which is a very long time for me. Excellent game, though I had to skip level 23. Anyway, great game! :)
  • 10I really enjoyed playing this simple, non-violent puzzler. It's family-friendly, the learning curve is VERY simple, and the graphics are very cute. The music is catchy, and having the choice of several songs is a strong bonus.
The Developer
UltioI am loomsoft. :] (View Profile)