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Depot: Zep's Dreamland


I spent the whole afternoon playing it. :) The font and graphics are way too big for my taste (Zep's portrait in the tutorial, for example) and the text is so slow I skipped the tutorial, but the gameplay and level design are awesome, better than many professional puzzle games. Great job!
********** by Kikaru
Very good game! I played it for about 3 hours straight, which is a very long time for me. Excellent game, though I had to skip level 23. Anyway, great game! :)
I really enjoyed playing this simple, non-violent puzzler. It's family-friendly, the learning curve is VERY simple, and the graphics are very cute. The music is catchy, and having the choice of several songs is a strong bonus.
Very good game! I suck at puzzle games but the whole thing shines. Good work :)
It's a good puzzle game, but there are not many different things Zep can do. This just means level designers have to be very creative in coming up with distinct challenges. The default level set is good, but organized expansion packs would do a lot for replayability.
********** by BAF
Great game, I wish I could make games this good (graphics are my main problem).
********** by Rick
I loved it. This is the first game I actually spent more than 5 mins. playing. The music wasn't annoying. The graphics were good. The gameplay was fun. Everything a game needs. I hope to see more puzzles and different elements soon.
This game rocked, i never beat it but its really fun, and one of the better games on the depot. I can nitpick a little(took me a while to figure out how to save, no menu for it) but a great overall job.
********** by miran
Absolutely brilliant! Sure I could nitpick about little quirks and things that could be better but this game is so fun and addictive I'll just give it a perfect score without giving a second though...
A couple more puzzle elements wouldn't hurt, but it's good fun as-is and looks and sounds great. Bonus points for good save system.
This is a fine effort, and well polished at that. Graphic and sound elements are consistent and fit the style of the game. There's just something missing, however... and I grew tired after twenty or so levels. It does, however, have an editor -- and that's a huge plus.
its pretty ok. Gets a bit boring later. I just hoped for a few more blocks.
this game IS fun!!! i like it! and about that comment of the editor, what kind of editor and where do i get it? thanks! {really really fun game! =D}
********** by kentl
I agree with the three preceding reviewers! Great game! Fun, polished, nice presentation.. I only have positive things to say!
I'd just like to agree with everyone else that this game is very worth playing, all the way through.
Great Game - it's fun easy to learn yet hard to master. Download it and see for yourself. The only downside (as with all games of this style) is that once you have beaten all the levels, you have no challenge anymore - unless you use the editor to create new levels, that is :)
Graphics, sounds, music, idea, gameplay -- all excellent! I wish there were more games like this in the depot.
********** by Siloh
I honestly hope that I can come to expect this level of quality in all of LoomSoft's future games. May it become your legacy.
High quality game. I can't really find anything wrong with it. A definite must download.
It's great. One of those professional looking games on A.CC - I mean it looks really finished and cute. I'm gonna try to create some more levels.
********** by nowiz
This is a really good puzzle game! It is really polished and it's fun to play! Download this game now!
Interesting idea for a puzzle-game with retro/cartoony graphics. Kept me occupied, but there's too few levels!
Really good quality and graphics! Feels like a SNES game :)
Very good indeed. Nice gfx and gameplay. It would be nice to have a level editor though...
A great game, with very nice gfx, only problem is the game might be a little to easy.
this is a good game except it is kind of hard for my limited brain capacity
********** by Ceniza
Good work LoomSoft. I liked it a lot! :) I'll be waiting for a new harder version.
Very nice. Love what you've done, I hope I will be able to play when I get my Linux box back!
Excellent!!! Nothing more to say!
Very well polished. Very cool idea. Very nice graphics. Overall cool.
Gorgeous! It's fun (entertaining!) and has clever levels, suitable sfx and great music-tracks in it -- all in one! I dunno, Matthew; but I feel that the various midis like Crono and DC kinda suits the game well.. =^.^=
OK, now everything about this game feels right. Crispy graphics, good level design (the hanging and flying plants as well as the cliffs that float in the air fit the "Dreamland" theme very well). If you're going to get your own music, I'd stick with the Donkey King Country style. Several thumbs up!
I haven't played this alot, since I'm usually not in windows but sofar I love it. It's a tight idea that has alot of potential :-). Hope it goes far...
neat game. kinda tough but i usually suck at these types of games. the music is nice, i love the chrono trigger music!!!!!

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