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Inphernic has rated 24 projects with an average score of 4.54
Bigs Bomberman   ***
icon The screenshot looks really nice, couldn't see anything like that though. Overall, a lot of work is still needed.
BlackShift   ********
icon Very nice. The music, well.. isn't the best, and it's only in menu. The sound effects could use some work. I don't like the standard Allegro font, it usually just makes the project seem "cheap" to me. More polish needed, but overall, it's a nice game.
Brutalo Deluxe   ****
icon Add more gameplay, throw in some decent graphics, sounds, music, levels, .. and you might end up with a nice platform Tapan Kaikki.
El Juego del Auto   **
icon The music has been ripped from the Allegro demo. The sound effects are awful. There is no game, either. This one still requires a lot of work.
Empire Allegro Advance   ******
icon Graphics are quite crude. The use of Comic Sans and the standard Allegro font is a big no no. I'd recommend some more work on the UI, graphics and sound effects. Also, add music, it feels too plain without. And can't forget polish! This is promising though, and you have a possibility of turning this into a winner.
Falling BloX   ****
Well, blocks fall and you make lines. This particular rendition offers next to next special (except Comic Sans abuse), but it might be a fairly solid start.
Fenix Blade   **********
icon One word : Excellent!
Future's End   ****
Nice idea, this could turn into a good game. I'd like to see improvements to presentation, user interface and most importantly gameplay (more actions) - now it quickly degenerates into death beam tag. Something like a turn-based Star Control would be cool. ;) Has potential, will be updated later.
IKPC - IK+ Remake   ****
icon Brings back memories! :) Reeks of retro goodness as a fairly faithful remake complete with SID music, and "LOL BOTH GET POINT" wins. Rough on the edges but off to a good start; 4 - Has potential, not intended as a bad rating. Will update review when the game is updated.
Juggling Kid   ****
icon Would work well as a light Flash mini-game, but I think there's not enough going on to make it a 'full' game. Then again, there's Pong..
Laser War   *
icon Dropped from 6 to 1 due to friend voting.
Lgc   ****
icon While this may become something in the future, it's currently quite of a sensory ordeal. The "original" graphics are quite bad (the ones that look good are ripped), and at least some/most of the sound effects and music are ripped. And it's in French. Two points for trying though, hope you keep on working!
MarbleMatch   *****
icon The puzzles are OK, but the graphics and music aren't shining.
Shippy1984   **********
icon A very solid game full of retro goodness. The in-game track feels out of place, but it's ok. INSERT COIN!
TA3D   ****
icon Has potential but currently lacking in pretty much every department. Will update review when there's more going on.
Tactics Heroes   ****
icon Quite rough on the edges, but there's a lot of potential here. Definitely one to keep an eye on; 4 (has potential) for now, will update review when this evolves.
The Beyond   ******
icon "Exploring and conquering other planets" - Didn't find any. "Missions from your home planet" - Didn't get any. Forward/backward (up/down) broke after hyperspace. I, honestly, didn't see any kind of action here, but maybe in the future..
Toggles   **
icon You already know what I'd say, so here's just a grade. ;) PS. Friend voting sucks.
Wasp Attack   ***
icon Well.. there just isn't much to go on, so here's a 3.
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