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  • icon Your goal is to explore the mysteries of alternative medicine by trying out homeopathy and faith healing. Made for SpeedHack 2009. This is the original compo entry package, source included.
  • Ashes   ****
    icon Ashes is a game that was done for the Speedhack 2002. It is very simple (maybe 'lame' would be a correct description), but oh well. It resembles Scorched Earth/Tanks/Whatnot to some degree. Added for completeness.
  • icon Bamboozle Machinae is my entry for the Speedhack '03 competition. It is a small puzzle game with 10 levels, but I highly doubt that anyone is good enough to get past level 7 *cough* ;). Your goal is to create horizontal/vertical (or both) lines of ...
  • icon Bamboozle Machinae II is a puzzle game, that combines parts of Columns, Tetris Attack and Rubik's Cube. Your task is to form at least lines of three, and gather as many points as possible. Bamboozle Machinae II spans 35 different levels, and is a ...
  • icon Don't die! Dying means you cannot wipe out the unknown evil force that is driving the demons mad. Stay alive and progress through the three levels of mad demons to slay the thing that is somehow 'magicly' driving them mad. ...
  • icon Duckie Dash is a simple game that was created for the Speedhack 2004. Your objective is to become the new leader of The Mighty Duckie Horde by racing against another applicants in the open sea.
  • Kaiser   ********
    icon Kaiser is a 2D shooter that is at the same time reminiscent of the classics (Asteroids, Stardust) and yet a game of its own. Aliens have conquered the Earth, and it's up to you to make them go away. Permanently. Armed with six different weapons, ...
  • icon Mouse Mash is an addictive puzzle game. You've just settled in as the cat of the household. There's certainly no lack of food and affection, and life is quite easy.. until mice appear out of nowhere and you are expected to get rid of them! ...
  • icon PP was created for the TINS competition ( The goal basically was to create a game which met the strange rules in 72 hours. :)
  • icon Reflexion is an Arkanoid/Breakout-clone. This is the final version with 25 levels. I will release a new level pack eventually, but you have to be really, really good to be able to complete the existing level pack. :)
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