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Hard Rock

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Hard Rock has rated 50 projects with an average score of 7.54
3D PacMan   ********
icon Fun game, with nice graphics and other bonuses. Some gripes are enemies are not sent back when you respawn, allowing you to get killed quickly(no brief invincible period) and the controls are very hard to get used to.
3dcar16   ******
The games in 3d so its cool, but becuase of that it suffers from some problems most other 3d games do, bad control, and collision. But make sure you try it.
Aggression   ******
For what its designed to do its job it does it great, however, it would be nice if some effects like the bat, produced a breaking glass effect, and it could use a few more ways to beat up you desktop.
Alex the Allegator 4   *********
icon Just finished playing this on my GP2X, it ran rather well aside from minor skipping (which caused me to die a few times), and aside from a few other bugs I ran into it was definetely and enjoyable and well written game.
Allegro Font Editor   **********
icon Nice gui, works great easy to use, easy 5.
Bamboozle Machinae II   **********
icon This game rocked, nice graphics and the intro was really done. The only thing i could complain about is no 2 playe option, and i found the game rather easy. I only played till level 7 on hard, but i let the counter go till 5 and i still managed to get double the required score.
Cannon   ****
The Game is not so bad as it is, and could be pretty fun with added weapons, a score which would give you a point to play this game! some better graphics, and sound. And the multi .exe idea seems pretty silly to me.
ChromaPlas   **********
icon Im not one for screen savers, but this is a really cool prog. And its the first plasma demo that ive managed to find the source to(well, maybe i havnt been looking to hard) so bonus points.
Deathchase 3d   ****
icon Well, maybe the brightness on my monitor is off, but i couldnt see a thing the whole time, or find bad guys. But its a little entertaining crashing into trees.
Firecrow   ********
The description is a bit misleading as the graphics are not better than Tyrian, but are still very good.There are tons of enimies and great explosions.It needs more levels however, as there is only one right now!
Frenetic   ********
icon The game was cool, fun and action packed. And it looks cool. However,i found the strafing was a bit slow (the enemies moved just as fast as you did) and theres no music. But the menus are really cool :) Good job.
Hellcarrier   ********
icon Yes, i finally got it working on my new comp, ive had lots of problems with it on my old computer, so no 5 rating, but it's a great game.Really well done, even if the machine gun bad guys are unbalanced. I reccomend it.
Icy Tower   ********
icon This is one game I actually pull out once in a while to play. Its great for a diversion, is action is very fluid, and it's great fun. One annoying bug however occured quite a bit, and theres not too much depth. But try it!
Laser Balls   ******
icon When you play this game,play it with friends for a much better time.(single player tends not be as exciting)
LexEyes   ********
icon I made a few skins for this(i lost them though) this is one pet.... er program that no programmer should be without.
Line Wars   ******
icon Basically your average snake game, with some improved options and items. And as snake is, great to play with lots of people at the keyboard. Just dont expect a revolution.
Membrane Massacre   ********
Membrane Massacre is an intense shooter and a good one at that. It has good graphics, decent weapon variety and feels very complete. Make sure to turn relative movement off, as it makes controlling difficult. Give it a try, you should enjoy it.
MultiAMP   ********
icon Interesting idea, and does play an impressive amount of sound types, only thing is is that it's fullscreen by default, and even windowed isnt to great, as you cant switch between programs without it the sound stopping. Still its pretty neat, albiet gimicky.
Mythic Blades   **********
Excellent graphics and very polished.
Operation Spacehog   **********
icon A great game, 2 player mode is an excellent feature and althought the story was a bit cheezy and the music wasnt to great its a well done game.
Outgun   ******
icon The idea is great, and its a fun game, but it needs a bit of work before it can really live up to its potential.
Pacboy   ******
Not a bad game, but it really does need lots of improvements. Theres only one level and one ghost and no eat ghost powerups etc etc. However what is featured isnt bad, but the enemy ghost ai needs work as well.
Paintball Party   **********
icon I didnt play this game long, but it totally rocked, This game is a blast to play with friends.
PuffBOMB (Prototype)   ********
icon Really cool original and entertaining. Personally I prefer the old look but both are still very good.
Pung   ****
icon Okay, the game plays okay, and looks better than the screenshot, but it really reminds me of 3dpong.bas in qbasic, which i liked better. This game desperatly needs mouse support to move the paddles and make the game more interesting. add mouse support, maybe some new features and itll be worth a 3.
Rain Simulation Demo   ********
icon Fairly neat demo, nice gui and functionality, and includes source so bonus points. Your standard nifty demo.
RTL - realtime lighting demo   ******
The game itself is a bit shallow, but a mild diversion and it makes great use of it's lighting effects.
SLUGS 2   ******
icon I really wasnt too fond of this game, the game technically does deserve more than a 3, at least a 4, but the enjoment factor brought it down to a 3. Id give a 3.5 if i could.
Super Extreme SpeedHack Hovercraft 2003   ******
I couldnt really bring myself to like this game, the isometric aspect is cool and all, but i found it so difficult to navigate through it, that i just gave up. Why cant i move backwards? Would 360 degree movement be to hard to implent?
Tank It!   ******
I have a 400mhz celeron, and the game ran super smooth, geforce 2mx. About the game great graphics, but it was a bit glitchy with me, and the controls were confusing(until i set them).Good tank game and the only opengl one ive seen here (its not the best though)
Tanks That Kill   ********
Wohoo, this game is lots of fun, and the graphics are nice and colourful.. my main gripe would be how its easy to get stuck in a tree, good game.
TPong   ********
icon Well, at last a decent pong game, most of them ive seen have had bad collision(i have seen some questionable collison in this game though) and gameplay. Not this one. Also bonus Points for being open source.
Vavoom   **********
icon An awesome port of doom, with support for 3d models(which actually look nice, except for a few ones), made me beat the entire shareware doom again to see its 3d models!
XOP   ********
icon The graphics are cool, its got massive bosses at the end, and it throws an insane amount of badguys and particle effects at one time, but for some reason i couldnt get really "into it".
Zep's Dreamland   **********
icon This game rocked, i never beat it but its really fun, and one of the better games on the depot. I can nitpick a little(took me a while to figure out how to save, no menu for it) but a great overall job.
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