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GoldenEye has rated 12 projects with an average score of 8.17
bip   ********
* Very funny (i don't know the original game) * Great reaction of the plane (good physical engine) * Is there any 1 player mode ? * Music to include
BoA   ********
Very good start ! GFX : 90% Sound : 85% Pleasure : 85% You should add more ennemies, menus, various weapons. But the engine is very good.
Breakout Clone   ******
The movement of the ball is not very realistic.
Char   **********
Very good game !!! I loved Nintendo too ! One problem : we can't shoot while we're jumping : what a pity. Moreover collisions aren't very just sometimes. But it's an excellent game.
Fractal !   ******
icon 1/Il y a quelques mois, j'ai fait à peu près le même programme mais il est beaucoup plus rapide que le tien (en 800*600). Je pense que tu devrais optimiser certains calculs. 2/Programme une palette de couleur plus sympa que noir & bleu à+
Porko Vs Dex   ********
icon 1/Beautiful sprites and quite funny 2/Too large : you should use more datafiles for bmps. UPX can also help you to reduce the EXE size 3/ Joypad ? 4/ En fin me gustò mucho tu juego pero pienso que puedes mejorar lo un poco. Felicidades por los graficos
Super Grand Prix   ********
Congratulations ! You should add a little map to see our position in the race. Graphics 80% Sound --% Idea 90% Technical aspects 85% Pleasure 90%
The Pickles   **********
icon Very good game ! Excellent gfx. It looks very professional You should add a time constraint for the player
TPong   ********
icon The best pong clone I've ever seen. Realization is nearly perfect and menus are well drawed. I only regret a lack of optimization in display (only 250 fps on my computer...)
WAR   **********
Excellent beginning ! I knew Dune 2 battle for Arrakis and I recognize the style... I understand that coding a C&C program is very difficult that's why i think that this program gets the best mark despite it's not finished. Gameplay is very well thinked.
Yiff-X   ********
icon Very good presentation & introduction Gameplay & graphics are pretty but concept isn't fabulous. Why not making another game, more original ?
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