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Gnatinator has rated 20 projects with an average score of 8.60
3D spryjinx   **********
Welcome to Spryjinx! Excellent game, quite hilarious.
Allegro Sprite Editor   **********
icon Like the name says, its a sprite editor. Its a very good one, and its FREE. Nice job David!
Alliance   **********
icon Very nice, but incomplete. Hope to see it completed.
Blast in Space   ********
A very well constructed space shooter. I would have given it a five... but the game dissapointingly has no network support or alternative control support (i.e. joystick) it can be somewhat uncomforable with 4-users at one keyboard at one time:) Too bad the source comments are not in English.
Empire Allegro   **********
icon I absoluteley love it, great clone. The only few beefs I had with it was lack of network play or AI (this thing is hotseat only). But great otherwise, I cant resist giving it anything less than a five (sorry guys). Absolutley love the Allegro CO's, comon kdevil, put me in there! ;)
Empire Allegro Advance   **********
icon Excellent. The AI is very decent for a game like this and the gameplay has been improved a large amount. The only problem I had was that it "ran out of memory" once during a large game. Probably a memory leak somewhere.
Hellcarrier   **********
icon Reminds me of the old 'Desert Strike' series. But this is waaay cooler! Well worth the download.
Jus Chattin   ****
Tried it out, slow and somewhat unstable when restarting the program (usually led to the restart of my computer).
Meteor 2   **********
icon Minor collision detection issues, but otherwise great game.
Priority: Survive   **********
icon Dunno what that guy who voted 6 was smoking. This is one of the best, if not THE best demo game on period.
Rebels And Lords   **********
icon enjoyable strategy game to play with your friends. nice retro feel
Save The Neighbourhood   ********
Cool little retro sidescroller. I liked the crazy targets and all the bombing action. :)
Shippy1984   ********
icon You are correct, shippy would have slayed on the NES. Good for some old skool action.
Stickdude!   ********
icon Go Go Stickdude! Miran's review was a little harsh. I say anything that can keep me entertained for more then 15 mintues deserves at least 3 stars. :) I liked this game, add music Eskimo man.
Tetanus On Drugs   **********
LOL!!! This game is hilarious!
WarCommand: Fantasy Battles III   ********
icon A fairley complete RTS. There is however a large slowdown when the sprites rotate. My frames go from 60 to about 10.
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