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amber has rated 12 projects with an average score of 5.75
Allegro Font Editor   ******
icon It works great when it works, but it crashes very often.
Allegro Tic-Tac-Toe   ****
The graphics are clean though not impressive, and I liked the music, but for some reason the music only came out the left side. The normal mode AI is quite buggy, though-- if you play somewhat obliviously and leave it openings, it will not take them, and what should be wins for the AI become draws.
Anarchy   *****
I don't know about this one. It seemed like there was some potential, but the main thing that got me was the gameplay-- it was rather disjointed, not very intuitive, and it was hard for me to figure out what was going on. It's rather old so I don't want to be too harsh.
Chaos Funk   ********
Very fun, and addictive, too! I liked the little sound effects, and even though I found the graphics a bit rough (I guess perhaps just a bit too retro for my liking) the game still felt very polished.
Dragon   ***
icon Don't let them get you down... keep learning and programming. It made me giggle.
Empire Allegro Advance   ******
icon Not a bad little game... the graphics could use some work, and the AI is dumb as a brick-- but it's still pretty fun!
Monster   ******
icon A nice solid retro RPG. The graphics are ok, not great. I liked the music but it was a little repetitive. The fights were also a little bit tough and tedious, but maybe that's just part of being a retro RPG. It's not my favorite genre but if you like this genre, it's a great little game.
Star Wars game   ***
I wouldn't call it a piece of junk, but it'd need lots of work before any real gameplay could come out of it. It also ran ridiculously slow on my computer. (Or maybe by design, I don't know)
Super Metroid Classic   ******
icon It definitely has the look and feel of Metroid, all right, but the buggy bombs and the lack of gamepad support immediately snapped me back to reality. Still, the graphics are a perfect rip and it looks quite promising...
Tactics Heroes   *******
icon Fun little game... I like the graphics and the overall presentation. It is obviously still a bit rough around the edges, but that's room for improvement, right? Of course it needs sound, too, and an AI wouldn't hurt either. I like this style of game a lot, though!
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