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There are some very fun aspects to the game, such as latching onto a rocket and steering it around the level. :) But there's a bug in the martian's movement Try jumping to the right whilst holding a spring. :o
Former version was awesome years ago without the music and other plusses, it just got even better ! As for the retro graphics, I like them very much and consider it to be one of the BEST aspects in the game to keep the old-school feel.
Lovely game and excellent music! I'm sure some won't give it a chance due to the extreme retro graphics, but I found them quite charming, and the gameplay is wonderful.
I love this game, it's so different. From the psychadelic neon graphics to the awesome dreamy music and fun, flowing gameplay I really can't find anything wrong with it. Excellent work.
******** by miran
Gameplay is exceptionally good, there are lots of levels and there's a level editor. Sound and music are also very nice. Too bad the overall impression is spoiled by not really more than average graphics...
A nice platform/puzzle game. Needs more polish and there's still a few small bugs, but I'm hooked.
The graphics are a little bit confusing but it's definitely a great game.
Excelent game. Very addictive and with a wonderful gameplay. Simple but smooth animated graphics. The editor is also great.
********** by Todd
I like this game! The graphics aren't the best, but it's the gameplay that matters. You won't find many freeware platformers of this quality.
********** by georgi
Rating: Idea(100%) Graphic(75%) Sound(90%) Playable(75%) Dificulty(medium)
This game is very well done. This is a must download. If you like platform games, no, if you like computer games, get this game!
Very nicely done. This is a classic example of games like Lode Runner or Crystal Cave. There are lots of baddies, unique items like: springs, bombs, and switches, and many levels to test your skills. It's a must download for fans of this genre of game. Rating: A+

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The Developer
Michael Weiss
Michael Weiss I have always felt driven to create things. The act of creation is magical, there was nothing, and now there is something. Willed into existence by the force of my brain power. Music and programming are my main creative outlets, but they are only hobbies, I make a living doing other more boring things. I have an electronics engineering technology diploma and generally work in that fields related to that. I am self taught, no formal training in either music or programming. As with all things, hard work, practice and determination have improved my skills. You can check out my music at: The only programming I have released is my game "Purple Martians" I welcome any comments, suggestions, rambling incoherent babbling, etc. I like to get emails, don't be shy. (View Profile)