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Trumgottist has rated 5 projects with an average score of 5.60
Dynamite   **********
Well, what can I say? Heaps of fun, good looking and cute sound effects. Add to that the great gameplay and you have a winner. The only real downside is that it's a clone, but I'd never played the original (or any bomberman clone) before so I don't care, and end up giving the Excellent rating. Good work, Richard!
PaRTiTioN SeCToR   ******
Very cool titlescreen with a dancing man and nice music. Some of the coolness stays in the actual game, which also has some interesting features. What's lacking is mostly polish, both in in-game graphics and in gameplay (the controls doesn't feel quite right, and the player characters often walk halfway through walls).
Scorch Clone   ****
No, it's not completed. It *is* playable, and I think it's possible to have fun with it, but the graphics leave plenty of room for improvement and there is a total lack of sound. Then add some nice menu screens and maybe some extras. Powerups? *Then* you'll have a finished game.
TankZone   ****
Why does the game report a framerate of 133 fps but feel like it's running at 5? I don't know if it's due to some bug I happened to stumble upon, but it makes the game unplayable for me. The lack of sound also feels wrong. This is a game that *needs* sound. And music. I'd also like to see the Allegro DLL included in the ZIP. A nice HUD would also improve things. Graphics in general look nice, though, there it just needs some polish.
WinFlight   ****
Sorry, but this one won't stay on my hard drive. The good: The concept is nice and it might be possible to create an addictive game from it if it's further developed. The bad: As it is, I found it no fun. Both controls and enemy AI needs work. Suggestions: Maybe you should use helicopters instead of airplaines, considering how they move? I'd also like some more advanced controls - momentum would most likely be a good thing, for example.
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