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Sirocco has rated 13 projects with an average score of 8.77
Burn 2   ******
icon Graphically this is nice, and the nifty effects (blur, lighting, etc) give it a distinct flair, but the wonky controls and ever-present (and strong) gravity suck the life out of this game. And quite unfortunately, on my 2ghz machine the game really chugged at times. Needs a minor overhaul, and it could easily grab a 4/5.
F I E N D   **********
I believe this game should be rated by what it does have rather than what it lacks. The atmosphere created by the sound, music, and graphics is effective in ways few games, commercial or otherwise, have ever matched.
Icy Tower   ******
icon Production value is rock solid, but the gameplay is just too narrow to hold my attention for more than a few minutes. Stick with Alex or Spacehog if you want a more satisfying experience.
KiGB   **********
icon What can I say? It's an excellent emulator, and an easy one to use at that. Compatibility seems to be near-perfect.
Liquidpaint   ********
icon Very relaxing indeed! I messed with the DOS version a bit. The GUI is functional and consistent, and the options are fairly well rounded. I'd like to see more software like this :)
Operation Spacehog   **********
icon I cannot deny the appeal of this game -- it is an instant classic, and (IMO) Peitz's best work.
PolyPaint   **********
icon This is a wonderful idea, and is great fun whether you're using it solo or with friends -- obviously *much* more fun with friends! There are a ton of drawing options, and the controls feel concise and responsive.
PuffBOMB (Prototype)   **********
icon Okay, so it plays off of Incredible Machine's basic premise, but the sadistic twist (and gratuitous usage of rodentia) makes this a savory download. Plus, there's a level editor available!
RTL - realtime lighting demo   **********
Okay, there's admittedly no real game here, but nonetheless an excellent example of how to maximize Allegro's functionality, and as such nothing less than ***** will do.
Sparky   ********
icon This is a great spin on an accepted graphic technique, and would make a great screensaver :)
Vertigo   ********
icon Although it is not graphically advanced, the flight model is highly accurate, and gives the player a good idea of how difficult it can be to pilot modern aircraft. Controls and shortcut keys seem a little cluttered, but that might just be me.
Zep's Dreamland   ********
icon This is a fine effort, and well polished at that. Graphic and sound elements are consistent and fit the style of the game. There's just something missing, however... and I grew tired after twenty or so levels. It does, however, have an editor -- and that's a huge plus.
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