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Pedro Avelar Gontijo

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Pedro Avelar Gontijo has rated 16 projects with an average score of 7.69
Dodger   **********
icon Perfect. Extremely addictive in opposition to simple. Can't stop playing it ;D
Icy Tower   **********
icon PERFECT! I just can't stop playing it O.o
Lord of the Stars   **********
icon Wonderful game! It's got everything a good game needs: nice sound, nice graphs, and a nice plot. Worth every second you spend on it :)
Mythic Blades   **********
Well, there's not much to be said. Your game is better than many pro games you see around there. I can't believe there's such a rarity here in :P
Priority: Survive   **********
icon Man, if I was told this is a pro game, I would have believed :) Awesome graphics, very good sound - just needs more command implementations.
Klabutong   *********
icon This can take entire afternoons if you have a friend on your side :) Very fun indeed.
Liquid War 5   *********
icon Excellent game, one of the best (and certainly most original) ones I ever saw.
Zombiepox   *********
icon It's incredible how one of the best Allegro games I've played is a speed hacked game. Simple, but I got addicted to it.
Secret of the Hose   ********
icon Very good! The only bad point is that I didn't find any servers running online :(
The Pickles   ********
icon Very good, that's a nice example of how a simple game can be great :D
Alex the Allegator 3   *******
icon Graphics are nice: could be more detailed. Music is very good. The biggest problem is the physics, they're very strange at some points, which makes your car very difficult to maneuver. But worth some hours of fun :)
MegamanX Clone   *******
Whoa, nice clone, though it's very buggy, seems like will be very cool, like the original game, in the end! Keep up the good work! :)
Zelda   ******
No LPS limit, buggy and crashing some times. But acts pretty much like the original game. If it's worked out can come to be a great game.
Happy Falling   ****
icon The game is nice, I just find it too hard and slow. The music is great, really relaxing. Just one comment: I don't see why we have a strange dithering on the background gradient, it would be better just the gradient.
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