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Depot Games: Secret of the Hose

Current Version: 0.96

Project Status: On Hold

Highest Popularity: #10 during July 2006

Links: Web Site

Category: Action

Developers: Todd Cope

Number of Players: 8 (Direct IP (LAN/Internet))

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: Secret of the Hose is a free top-down water fighting game with 2-4 player splitscreen, plus up to 16 players with online play support. Other features include various multiplayer characters, and many different secrets hidden within the levels. Play in arenas such as a school, a casino, a cave, and more! This game also includes a replay mode so you can record your matches. Enjoy tagging out your best friends with a 99-Cent Water Pistol, a Dual-Fire Water Rifle, a Water Balloon Launcher, or just letting them step on your Water Mines. Compete in various multiplayer modes including Splashfest, Team Splashfest, Runner, Capture the Flag, Hothead, Tag, Freeze Tag, Cops and Robbers, Tag Match, and Team Tag Match! The excitment of the soundtrack, consisting of 12 songs, will keep you going. With all these gamemodes and all this action-packed music, what else do you need to keep this game exciting for hours and hours of fun? Oh, did I mention that it's bundled with a level editor for creating your own custom levels to play with friends? Well what are you waiting for? Call your hydrophobic friends and show them how the true master plays!


Name Comments Size Date
soth096win.exe v0.96 Win32 Installer 6,115,731 07/26/2006 8:36 PM v0.96 ZIP 6,267,117 07/26/2006 8:42 PM

What's New:

Numerous bug fixes

Added new sounds

Level updates

Network play fixes

Option for smooth network play

Better music selection algorithm

Many more updates that escape my memory

Fixed player not being able to join if connected while game was in progress

Added several messages to help players know what is going on in network play

Fixed control bug in net play if more than 1 player was on the same computer

Fixed chat problems on player select screen

In Cops and Robbers, cops can no longer lay mines

Fixed player stuck facing down when switching from Cops and Robbers to other game modes

Other miscellaneous fixes

Implemented brand new network engine, uses a lot less memory and has no known bugs as of now :)

Integrated with the first generation NCDNet client so you can quickly and easily open servers to the public and find servers to connect to

Added 2 new weapons

Many new in-game settings

Fixed countless bugs

Fixed NULL pointer access that was causing non-networked game modes to crash.

Fixed replays

Added some error checking in the menus to prevent crashing

Implemented alrand random number library, this is in preparation of making the Linux version so Linux players can play Windows players over network without a hitch

Level editor fixed, it's not finished, but it's usable again

Some minor gameplay adjustments

Added version checking, newer versions will be incompatible with older version and you will only be able to connect to servers using the same version of the game as you

Fixed some depth buffer problems

Other fixes

Better network engine

Reduced lag for net play (still might improve but it's a lot better than it was)

New levels

New characters

List server interaction (check server listing from in the game)

List server reporting (starting a server will add you to the list server automatically)

No more server list program, not needed anymore

Various in-game improvements

Bug fixes

More that I've surely forgotten (long time since the last version came out)

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 9.0
  • 8Very good! The only bad point is that I didn't find any servers running online :(
  • 8A really good game, but in need of more weapons. Very funny to play split-screen.
  • 10After playing this game for a few minutes before a Halo LAN Party we got addicted to it and played it the rest of the time. Just goes to show that free games can be as good if not better than commercial games. Excellent!
The Developer
Todd Cope
Todd CopeI am a game programmer and designer. I've created several freeware games in the past under NewCreature Design and am now working on a few projects with T³ Software. (View Profile)