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Oscar Giner

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Oscar Giner has rated 14 projects with an average score of 8.86
Fenix Blade   **********
icon Great RPG, that can compete with commercial old school RPG's. Graphics are nice, with neat effects. Dialogs are very good, but the english used is a bit difficult. I liked a lot the battle system, similar to FF, but also quite different. And runs smooth on my P166 :)
Frenetic Plus   **********
icon Yet another great game by Sirocco :) Very polished and very addictive. Nice graphics, nice musics, nice gameplay... and hard, something not easy to find in games today. And a great improvement over the first version, so you should download this one even if you have the old one.
Hellcarrier   ********
icon Cool game with great gameplay. But I don't like having to start from the beginning every time I get killed. Definitively it's a worth download.
Icy Tower   **********
icon Ecelent game! How can such a simple game be so adictive? Really good job!
Liquid War 5   ********
icon It's themost strange game I've ever seen. Very original. Gameplay is good, but more suited for human multiplayer games (playing agains the CPU is a little boring). The 'liquid' effect is really cool.
Operation Spacehog   **********
icon Not much more to say, only confirm that this game is great! And very addictive. Too bad that there are only six levels.
Purple Martians   **********
icon Excelent game. Very addictive and with a wonderful gameplay. Simple but smooth animated graphics. The editor is also great.
RailRunner (a.k.a Stinsen)   **********
icon Very good and original game idea. Graphics are average. It's really easy to learn (it's quite simple), but the levels are hard. Good job!
Raine   **********
icon great emulator. fast, good emulation and nice gui. And now it emulates capcom games :)
TETRIS Queen   **********
icon This is one of the best tetris clones I've ever played. The bombs mode is awesome!
Zaxxon RetroRemake   **********
icon v0.4.123) I haven't played the original, but this game definitively rocks:) Controls are a bit hard to get used to, but once you do you feel you have a great game in front of you. Nice retro fell, too.
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