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Onewing has rated 21 projects with an average score of 5.52
a-maze   ******
icon Reasons for rating here:
BattlePong   ******
icon Six should be the maximum for a pong game, but this one definitely has a considerable amount of fun to it. Hell mode is a blast, having to dodge missles and hit the ball. However, scrap the star craft and other wall images, 7+ MB for a pong download is ridiculous. XD
Breakout   ***
Very simple breakout clone. You cannot affect the direction of the ball with your paddle. Ripped music and low on polish. Plus, some textual confusion, literally!
Dodger   ********
icon This game is perfect as a TINS entry. In fact, it's better than most regular games submitted to the depot. I love miran's devotion to continually make it as good as possible. The only reason I'm giving it an 8 is because the music is somewhat weak and I have seen better on the depot.
Icy Tower   **********
icon I have to say, arcade-wise, this game hits the mark. I was originally going to give it a 4-star rating, until I remembered that it is in the arcade category. I like to see games develop, becoming more intense or involving as you go. Icy Tower, however, has the tetris-factor. It is very addicting and provides endless fun, constantly challenging you to challenge yourself. Apparently, I can only say so much in a review. :) To sum up, take spellcaster's advice, and you'll never stop playing!
King of the Jungle   ****
icon It's not bad, just in its infancy. Hence, 4 for "Has Potential." Work on the controls and the balancing of levels. It gets exponentially harder and the main character has a bad case of "sporadic jumping." Also, what exactly am I giving to the "kings" to make them flip out? The killer joke?
Legends of Thantil   *****
Reasons for Rating at:
Light   ***
The idea is somewhat original, but it's not really fun. In fact, it's very frustrating. Perhaps randomly generated maps, or some kind of power-ups to keep the time up (which seems to move a little too fast).
Marduk   *
icon Version 1.5: I tried both the .NET and MinGW32 verssions, but the first couldn't load the engine datafile and the latter crashed after the marduk logo.
Ochiru Ishi   *****
icon This is a fun little title and ultimately, a good design. Incredibly easy to pick up the controls and by Stage 4, you start to feel like a ninja! Although, LOL is pretty hard to beat...An itsy bit more polish and this would be a solid 6. With music and sfx, I'm sure it could meet 7, maybe even 8.
Rain Simulation Demo   *********
icon I recently studied this program's source code to re-create the effect in one of my games. I say, isn't that what demos are for? Demo-wise, there's not much more you could ask for, except for a little more demonstration of the affect along with other graphical output. Excellent job!
Sky Ball   ******
icon Not bad for a game spawned off of Minorhack. It's simple game mechanics at its best. It is also technically sound in its presentation. With the new version comes music from Ultio's "Zep's Dreamland". The music goes very well with gameplay. It's fun, but still needs more polish. A low 5.5 --> 6.
Temporal   *********
icon Version 1: Professional, polished and aesthetically pleasing. This is an amazing game and I strongly recommend it to allegro developers and gamers alike. It's only minor downfall, the semi-slow pace, challenging puzzles and lengthy dialog can stretch one's patience. It does warn its for geeks! :)
The Dragon of Shiuliang   ****
icon Full review on!
The Hobbit Text Adventure Remake   *****
icon V 1.0: It's not really a remake, but more of a clone of The Hobbit Text Adventure. I never played the original, but what research I did on the internet reveals your game is nearly identical. I can't really give a high or low score. But, to those who want to relive the experience, this will suffice.
The Next Train   ****
Although this game works well, it is extremely difficult and not very intuitive. I love simulation games and I had a small amount of fun, but the actual gameplay value should be labeled "annoying". You'll have to read the documentation to figure out this game. No music. A little polish could help.
TheSimple   ******
icon Demo-wise, it's great!!! It really demonstrates the S3dE engine well, displaying it's power. Some accompanying music would've been nice, however. And the "block tunnel" needs better filtering. Pixelated stuff looks horrible in the distance. Definitely a good amount of work.
Train Stopper   **
I just don't think this belongs on the "allegro" depot. There's hardly anything fancy enough to differentiate it from a console-window game. However, what little content this game holds does provide a little bit of fun.
Tumbler   *******
icon A simple, yet complete puzzle game. Reminds me of something you would see on "waste five minutes" type website. Nonetheless, I got enough enjoyment and challenge out of it to be satisfied. Some areas to improve: the graphics and music variety. Also maybe an undo function?
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