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Karadoc ~~

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Karadoc ~~ has rated 10 projects with an average score of 8.10
20 Lines   *********
In this case, the source code is more interesting than the game.
Alex the Allegator 4   ********
icon Simple and fun. Such is the style of Johan's games.
Aybabtu's ``Mirkwood Forest'' RPG   ****
(ver 4.3) Good fun game. ascii graphics force people to use their imagination (which is good). Gameplay was bit limited. Several bugs. Main thing I didn't like was the balance problems. Some say it's too hard, but my wizard quickly became unstopable. I won it first go, no problems, 4303 moves.
Fenix Blade   **********
icon (beta 2.0) Nicely done. Very professional. 'Sirocco' has made it without that one-man-game feeling which haunts the depot. Engaging storyline, decent gameplay. I have high hopes for the finished version. Well done!
Grabber   **********
Hey, Good work Matthew! ;) This grabber is great!
KiGB   **********
icon (v1.40) KiGB is a very good emulator. Not such a pretty interface, but a very good emulator none the less. It has more features than any other GB emulator I know of, and would make all others obsolete if only it would support 2 players on one computer (simultaneously).
Liquid War 5   ******
icon The game concept is original (as far as I know) and it's good fun. Good gameplay, nicely customizable and all that. But the network support is pretty poor for a muliplayer focus game. A bit of tweaking and this could be a great game.
Reflexion   ******
icon Just 2 things: Firstly, It should say somewhere to press 'P' for the menu, or just change it to Esc. Secondly, When I'm moving my paddle left and the ball hits it, it bounces right! That's different to every breakout game i've played. Anyway a little bit of tweaking and even _I_ will like it!
The Pickles   **********
icon The concept is quite old, but you give it a nice flavour. The gameplay is taught well in the first few levels, and they (the levels) increase in difficulty at an good rate to make a chalanging game. Suitiable for all ages. A great game.
Zombiepox   ********
icon (ver 1.1) It's a short and simple game; the sort that's fun to play for a few minutes while you waste time. I found the first few levels very easy, but what I assume is the last level ('it ends tonight') extremely hard. I like the game, but it could probably benefit from a few extra features.
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