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Kanzure has rated 11 projects with an average score of 8.00
3059   ********
icon Other then playing painfully slow on older computers, it's a great game. Easy to stop playing and come back to. Attacking other objects is confusing, a tutorial can solve this if it goes step by step through a normal attack. Most of the graphics are dark, so it's hard to see. Movement is slow, a fast-walk mode would be liked. Good job. :)
Alex the Allegator 4   **********
icon Alex4 is fun, playable, and really hits the spot if you're looking for a game that you can come back to, much like the old Super Mario.
Icy Tower   ********
icon Play this game at least once. I like it, it's a great time waster.
Kickle   ******
icon Kickle is fun, semi-addictive, and annoying..all at the same time! A 'must try' for Allegro game collectors.
LightSpeed   ********
icon LightSpeed is a great game, but lacks some nice features to catch the players attention. If better engines are set up at first, I'm sure it would be even better! I hope that the game becomes seccsessful, I havent seen a 2D Space Racer in a
Nibbles Clone   ****
The start screen did not match the over all game, which is just plain out weird. The game ran horribly slow on my computer, and the graphics seemed to not update fast enough. Looking at a blinking dot is not fun. If you can fix this minor problem up, it'd be a better game (obviously.)
Sauerkraut   **********
icon Great game. It ran at an amazing 100fps for me. I thank Bjorn for providing source, because the 'Moonlight Engine' is a really good piece of software to model games after. Good job!
Snake   ******
The music was a nice effect, and it overall was a good experience.
SnakeStrike   ********
Just what I was looking for. A basic snake-game, and well made it seems.
XOP   **********
icon This game can only be described in one word: kickass. Or is that two? The gameplay and the graphics go together wonderfully, and the music adds the special touch. I can't find anything wrong with this arcade game, and I'm planning on paying the $15 for the entire thing.
Zep's Dreamland   **********
icon High quality game. I can't really find anything wrong with it. A definite must download.
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