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golden cut

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golden cut has rated 10 projects with an average score of 7.90
Dodger   *********
icon Really cool game, despite what the screenshot shows - it's quite fun! I have a problem 'tho: "AppName: dodger.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcrt.dll ModVer: 7.0.2600.5512 Offset: 000378c0" - every freakin' time. I can play it but the error message is always there, pops up just 2 sec after I start.
Excellent Bifurcation   ********
icon Great fun game, damn I suck at it!
Frenetic   *********
icon VERY addictive, just hard enough, AI is just smart enough to enjoy this! Great fun!
Garden of Coloured Lights   *******
Technically very well done, but for me the game only lasts for around 30sec to minute before I die. I probably should just practice more but IMHO there should be easier level, and (/or) the enemies should be further away from (eg bigger playing field). But thank you for great game, I'll keep trying.
Jezzball   *********
Good one, Einstein!
Liquidpaint   ********
icon Wow, nice program, so many options to play around with, endless possibilities. And less than a megabyte!
StarGlide   *******
Nice. I wish it had full screen mode, and more importantly - that it'd show constellations, so I'd use it to recognize stuff in the sky!
TheMatrix   ******
icon Looks really cool, installed as screensaver, but it seems it doesn't exit properly - process stays.
Transdimensional Hellspider   ********
I REALLY like the concept of rotating playing field, that's awesome, but I don't like the laggy behavior of the ship (maybe realistic, but this is fantasy genre anyway), I'd like the ship to respond (turn, accelerate etc) faster, instantly. Also IMO the overview map dots (ships) should be bigger.
Typhoon 2001   ********
icon I like it, although I just keep the fire button down and wave around with mouse frantically. Authors comment: "Old speech samples now selectable in the sound menu (since everybody practically begged for that female voice)" - can't find any such thing... :(
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