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Edgar Reynaldo

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Edgar Reynaldo has rated 21 projects with an average score of 7.52
Alex the Allegator 2   ********
icon Nice little board game, well done, well explained. My only major complaint is that it's graphic mode is archaic. Fullscreen 320X240 doesn't work on any modern computers, and it doesn't use the desktop's color depth, so Vista operates in Basic window mode, which is ugly. Good, but needs updating.
Atomic Tanks   *********
icon Very nice game. Terrain and sky both look great, good sound effects, good atmospheric effects as well. Teach me how to make such nicely shaded terrain please! As of version 4.3, AI level 3 is too easy, and level 4 is too difficult. A middleground would be nice. Great game overall, keep polishing!
Castle Adventure   ********
icon Game is complete and fun, even though I had to hack in support for running the game at the same rate on all computers. Luckily the source code was available and organized enough to do this easily. Still haven't figured out how to get past the... Well, you'll see.
Dungeon of Darkness   ********
icon I love dungeon crawlers. I've never played Dark Chambers so I can't compare, but I enjoy Dungeons of Darkness quite a bit. Just discovered this rare gem from the List of Online Members. A robot was visiting the depot thread. Weapons could be larger, combat is a little awkward, but overall very good!
EggHack   ********
icon Nice take on golf / croquet. Graphics could be improved somewhat, and the estimate on how long it takes to generate a world is vastly overestimated. Fun, but somewhat difficult at times, but that's better than being too easy. Good overall.
Footsoldier   *******
icon Not bad for a first game. Sprites are pretty good, but board graphics could be improved. Enemy AI makes the game about even overall. Bonus for having simple music and sound effects.
hex   ******
GUI needs improvement. AI is pretty smart. Using the mouse as an invisible pointer is a little obnoxious in the menu, and the quickly scrolling starfield might induce motion sickness. The overall premise of the game doesn't give much rise to variation in strategy, but that's fine. Decent over all.
Hnefatafl   *****
icon I would give it a better rating if I could figure out how to play it. No Readme in any language at all kind of sucks. The graphics are nice, but there is no sound, and there are still diagnostic elements remaining in the game, so I can only give it a 5. Web site is now defunct as well.
Kloetzchen   ******
icon Simple graphics, simple game. I don't quite understand the proper strategy yet, so I'm not very good at it. The game can vary widely from one side having an advantage to the other. Could use some polish, but gameplay is complete. It might be easier to learn if the pieces weren't flipped so quickly.
Malefiz (Barricade)   ********
Quite a fun little game, getting to stomp on the other players pieces and send them home or put a barricade right in their path. Major bug - you can't place your piece on the winning square! Would be nice to have opponent AI to play against. Can't select single player! Good game idea.
Mazzuoro!   *********
icon Very good looking version of Mancala. The blurred drop shadows on text and objects looks nice. I usually don't do so well at mancala, but the AI was thankfully forgiving at level 1. Nice game, nice polish, thanks.
North American Rails   ****
icon Can't honestly rate this game, as it crashes every time on start up. This is using the binary from 05-29-2007.
Quad   *******
icon Everything works well, but ultimately it's not something I'd spend time playing over again.
Quixo Game   ********
icon Fun little game, but I have yet to master it. The opening menu seems out of place - it could use some textures for the button backgrounds. Then it would fit in with the rest of the game. Good overall.
Rnixa's Secret 2   *********
Very well done game. Pretty good graphics, decent sound effects, and lots of interesting and connected gameplay. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because I could never find the end boss.
Space Battle   ******
icon My major complaint about this game is that the window is way too tall for my monitor, and so part of the screen doesn't show up. I can edit the allegro.cfg file to change the window size, but then part of the screen isn't shown. If you had included a full screen option, this wouldn't matter.
tessera   ********
icon Good AI implementation, it's difficult to beat at the 500MHz level. Looks good overall. Could use some larger fullscreen resolutions though, as none of the available ones are supported by Vista / my onboard Gfx card.
Tornado 21   *******
icon The program works well, but I'm not that into card games, and it's fairly easy to lose the game with a score of zero. So the program is nice, but I didn't personally enjoy it, and playing repeatedly to get a high score just wasn't worth it for me. Thanks though.
Trichromic   ********
icon I can't say how many hours I wasted on this awesome little strategy game. AI is decently difficult to have fun and replayability. GFX are good, music is good, everything is great except for the occasional crash. Wish I could have the source code to play with but the website is defunct now. Shame.
Word5   *********
icon Good looking word guessing game. Nice visual transitions, good sound effects. Not as easy as 5 letter word guessing sounds, but the hints are helpful enough to keep interest up. Good work.
XOP Black   **********
icon Crazy bullet hell. Harder than the original XOP, this redo is just as good as the original if not better. Haven't beat it yet.
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