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Depot Games: Trichromic

Current Version: 1.2.00

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Strategy

Developers: kdevil, Chris DeLeon

Number of Players: 4 (Game Server)

Ports: Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: Colorful single/multi-player turn-based strategy!

Create units, capture buildings, and attack the enemy in an attempt to conquer the map. The three armies have their own strengths, weaknesses, and special units: Crimson is powerful. Cobalt is crafty. Pine is numerous. It's up to you to decide who wins.

You can play multiplayer (hotseat or over a network) or on your own against the AI, and maps can be created and edited with a built-in map editor.

What's New:

-Made higher resolutions actually show more stuff, as opposed to just being 800x600 stretched to your resolution
-Slight changes to the unit sprites, to make them stand out a bit more against the background
-Changed the save files into Lua scripts
-Some small changes to AI functions, but it's still dumb as a rock
-Improved the screen resolution options in the game, and added a way to specify custom resolutions
-Added a patch to the DyConnect library, to avoid that "can't listen to port" error
-Added a button to change the resolution without having to exit and restart the game
-Made the shield generator shields look nicer
-Added the ability to make a unit move and attack with one click (as opposed to moving the unit next to a target, then clicking the target to attack)
-Made the victory screen look nicer
-Finally got client reconnection to work when the host of a network game disconnects

-Added new network lobby, showing people in the lobby and currently hosted games, complete with map previews
-Updated sound initialization
-Modified game timer, to (hopefully) reduce CPU usage
-Fixed stop_music(), so that it actually did what it was supposed to do
-Fixed occasional blank screen when at high CPU usage
-Updated the Windows part of the makefile, and added a program icon for Linux
-Fixed many, many netplay-related bugs
-Enhanced the textbox, so that it could handle text wrapping
-Made the "Ready" button in the netplay menu more obvious
-Made the debug functions also write to stderr
-Enhanced the text input lines. Now they can scroll, so no more width limits.
-Made in-game chat more visible and stick around longer before fading out
-Made the AI capable of acting as a network client
-Made the artillery attack animation more random (since there's splash damage to surrounding tiles)
-Increased the font size
-Enabled the "quit" option in network games

Random menu improvements
Fixed music stuttering on exit
Tiles with friendly units on them are no longer marked as movable (unless the units are landers/APCs/transport copters)
Minor AI improvements

Title Screen
Title Screen
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.5
  • 8I can't say how many hours I wasted on this awesome little strategy game. AI is decently difficult to have fun and replayability. GFX are good, music is good, everything is great except for the occasional crash. Wish I could have the source code to play with but the website is defunct now. Shame.
  • 9Overall, a very fun game. Graphics were a little on the boring side, but the gameplay was excellent.
The Developer
kdevilThis is a little about myself: My name's Kent. There. Oh, and I also like to program a game or two in my free time. (View Profile)