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Bloodat has rated 13 projects with an average score of 8.15
3D spryjinx   **********
This game is overly addictive. The proccess is simple, and that is what makes the game reveling. Also, the other features make the game good, such as the decent ethical graphics and the wonderful music that acually fits in the game.
Air-Strike   ********
A highly addictive game. Give it a try. A great challange too. It's like one of those good atari games, but better.
Banzai   ********
This is a very nice time waster...its worth the download.
Escape 3: ROD   ****
I didn't like this game one bit. The graphics were so old school, and the gameplay was pretty bad. If you want a quality game, make sure to get away from this as much as you can...
Fenix Blade   **********
icon Now let me see...Great playability, music, story, controls, features, graphics, and everything else you could want in an RPG. It has a very nice feeling to it as well. This is much like final fantasy 3, so give it a try! This has become my favourite allegro game (-:
Hover Battle   ******
This is an OK game. It's kindda fast and gets boring after a while. Try it if your bored...
Joyrider   **********
This is a great game!!! It is very fun and addicting! This is a must download for its size, and its fun! You get missions from phones (like GTA), and you get to get out of your car and all that...the buildings arent much of a problem, as long as the game is fun...
Maximum Overdrive   ********
icon Pretty cool game. Not perfect tough. But you need to try this one, very addicting.
Operation Spacehog   **********
icon Johan Peitz has done it again! Along with his two other great games, Happy land adventures, and freetris, he has become famous in the Allegro gaming world. Operation Spacehog is a very nice game. You NEED, I repeat, NEED to try this out. It's got a cool plot too! Give it a shot!
The Project 2   **********
In my opinion, this is one of the best games on Allegro. People! You MUST download this! If you don't, you'll miss out something great! Good graphics, controling, and a so-so plot.
Viper   ******
I didn't like this game much. It had horrible controling, and when ever you crashed into a wall (which happens all of the time), you die! Still, if you lik this type of game, download it...
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