Writes formatted data into a buffer, using size and variable arguments.


int uvszprintf(char *buf, int size, const char *format, va_list args);
This is like uszprintf(), but you pass the variable argument list directly, instead of the arguments themselves. Example:
      #include <stdarg.h>

void log_message(const char *format, ...) { char buffer[100]; va_list parameters;

va_start(parameters, format); uvszprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer), format, parameters); va_end(parameters);

append_buffer_to_logfile(log_name, buffer); send_buffer_to_other_networked_players(multicast_ip, buffer); and_also_print_it_on_the_screen(cool_font, buffer); }

void some_other_function(void) { log_message("Hello %s, are you %d years old?\n", "Dave", 25); }
Returns the number of characters that would have been written without eventual truncation (like with uvsprintf), not including the terminating null character.

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