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Depot: Tetanus On Drugs


It's good for a laugh, but there's not much else going for it.
It's more of a joke than a game, really. It's funny as hell, but once it wears of, you're left with a fairly average Tetris clone.
So, after all, it IS possible to make an original Tetris clone :)). God, that game has only one flaw: it gives a headache if you play it too long. Could use some better gfx - but the effects are kewl. Oh right, going back to play a little more... I MUST get past dose 7 ;).
This is the coolest Tetris clone I have ever played. The sheer novelty factor of the different effects are reason enough to download. The only problems are a slightly unintuitive menu system and the fact that this game will make you want to try drugs. Get this game now!
******** by miran
Wow, this is an excelent Tetris clone! Had a similar game once called Tetripz and loved it. Although there's not much wrong with Tetanus On Drugs (how did you come up with that name?), Tetripz was way cooler so I really can't give TOD a perfect score. And the menus are completely screwed anyway...
Technically, this game is flawless. I didn't think it was possible for my computer to process all the realtime effects so smoothly without skipping a beat. Only problems: lack of helpful menu system and key configuration.
not a review (haven't played it enough but it's cool!) but a remark: it's not only ported to DOS and Windows, but it works without modifications on Linux as well. And the source IS available, in the zip file.
LOL!!! This game is hilarious!
Oh God .. it's tetris mixed with a rotozoomer and pallete animation. I'm gonna be sick! :O
No screenshot can make this game look as good as it is, you have to see all the strange visual effects in action. Extremely well done in the technical/visual aspect. Definitely the coolest tetris I've ever played (plus it makes my friends sick!)

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The Developer
Damian Yerrick
Damian YerrickDamian Yerrick is a student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. In his free time, he is a budding programmer who wishes he could make Quake. He's still learning. (View Profile)