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Depot: Icy Tower


its awesome fun
Maybe, one of the most popular Allegro-games. Before I found it on this site I saw some of my friends playing it. Unfortunately I am not very good at it but it makes quite fun.
********** by feelon
This game rocks :) I used to play it alot. Simple aim and great gameplay makes you wanna play :>
Jumping up towers has never been so much fun!
A great game, very polished, I downloaded ~1 year ago, and is still fun to play. Is nice to see a thing so very well done. One of my favorites.
********* by emilb
Great game. I now believe in what you say, that gameplay is everything. this game was extremely simple to learn and from the moment I started it the first time, I coouldn't stop for 2 hours. Addictive!
A very good game. Couldn't be better in my opinion, the best jump and climb I've ever played.
The game that made it cool to program in Allegro :-) A half star knocked off for openly refusing to support Linux, but still a cool game.
The plot is simple, yet I'm sucked in to it. I feel compelled to try new & inovative ways to jump up to the platforms. The game is well polished in a cool kind of way. I like the titlescreen music & the ability to download other characters. Perhaps a few more game-play elements could be introduced.
I have to say, arcade-wise, this game hits the mark. I was originally going to give it a 4-star rating, until I remembered that it is in the arcade category. I like to see games develop, becoming more intense or involving as you go. Icy Tower, however, has the tetris-factor. It is very addicting and provides endless fun, constantly challenging you to challenge yourself. Apparently, I can only say so much in a review. :) To sum up, take spellcaster's advice, and you'll never stop playing!
PERFECT! I just can't stop playing it O.o
Wow!!! Just exciting!
This is one of my favorite games! It is fun, gives endless entertainment, and looks professional. I would pay money for this game (fortunately it is free right now :) )
Apparently, gameplay isn't always everything. ;)
Simple game idea, easy to learn, hard to master. Play it a bit and then check out the replays you can download from Johan's website. When you've stopped saying "wow" play the game again :)
Icy Tower is feature-rich, stylistic, and polished. It's pretty good, but don't let the hype cloud your thoughts.
********** by psycho
Icy Tower is one of the "best small" games I`ve ever seen. I liked it even so much that I didn`t play my new games "The Sims 2" and NFSU. It`s a great principe which is easy to reprogramm. More of this!!!
Superb game, ones of the most playbilly games whenever I played
The best game i had ever played made in Allegro!!!.A great example of a good game without super-extra-excellent-4096 bit Graphics and funny
Play this game at least once. I like it, it's a great time waster.
FANTASTIC!! One of the best games I have ever played made by allegro. Excellent graphics and awesome lastabalility!! Keep the good work up!! ;)
I loved it. I've played for hours. I've reached the 264th floor, in just 1 hour of playing. But it's get too fast after the 3rd "Hurry Up".
Production value is rock solid, but the gameplay is just too narrow to hold my attention for more than a few minutes. Stick with Alex or Spacehog if you want a more satisfying experience.
After an hour of playing it felt like i was doing the same thing over and over again. Fun, but it gets a bit boring later.
Version 1.2: Simple yet fun gameplay must mean it's Free Lunch Design! Nice to see you're keeping to your standards with this version.
Version 1.2 makes an already great game even greater
********** by enric
The whole school is playing it... This says all I want to say.
********** by kentl
super good gameplay! super nice technical implementation! Good looking graphics and nice sound effects! One of the best Allegro based games i have played.
The presentation of the game was unique, fulfilling, and very psycadellic (for lack of better terms)! The concept of the game is addicting, and the graphics are really really cute! Nice job Johan!
********** by Ultio
Definitely a must download! A polished all around fun and enjoyable game. I saw it once on a computer at a local CompUSA store. :) Very professionally done. Gameplay can get repetitive, but trying to get a better score overcomes this.
Man I loved this game. I played version 1 and I thought it was awesome. Now I played 1.2 *drools* I love the custom charas.
Fluid gameplay but it does get repetitive after a while as nothing changes once you've learned how to play. Despite that the game is well made and a fun way to waste a couple of hours.
********** by Siloh
Sweet looking AND fun. You don't see that in many Allegro games these days.
One badly blistered thumb later, and I am completely addicted to this game. WOOHOO! Sweet! I finally received an 'Awesome'. Excellent game play and I love the sound effects.
********** by Me
One of the most impressive games I've seen yet. Clean, crisp, and fresh graphics and solid gameplay make this game one of the most enjoyable to play. I simply love it.
I LOVE THIS GAME! Awesome graphics,sound and very easy to play. I made a score of 1,674. This game is EXCELLENT. PS:Can we vote higher than 5?
This game is very good. Isn't good I can't do very, very, very high jumps. I made 31 floors on once. Very good Johan Peitz! Hope Icy Tower 1.2 will be better.
How can I say? It's a very original game, with a cool and jazzy style, with great great GFX and SFX, good and huge playability. One touch of a genious.
This is one game I actually pull out once in a while to play. Its great for a diversion, is action is very fluid, and it's great fun. One annoying bug however occured quite a bit, and theres not too much depth. But try it!
I don't think I have to say how amazing this game is. I couldn't ignore this game because my whole school is playing it 24/7. It's such an addictive game -- definitely explains why "Gameplay is Everything"
I stayed away from this game for a while thinking it would be cheesy because of the main character and the generic story, but this game is truely great, despite those small shortcomings. Great control, crisp graphics and interface, and nice sounds. Well worth a download, without question.
The best game in Depot
Good job, nice graphics & sound , but stupid as hell! I can't watch my sister playing this game anymore! on my P166@187.5 works excellently smoothly , as well as on my secondary P150 and it all at 640x480 resolution - fast engine.
Ecelent game! How can such a simple game be so adictive? Really good job!
********** by H
Damnit, I can't stop playing!
********** by JaTeR
One of the most addictive games i have played for a loooong time.. No more need for mindless gameplay! I could go play this for days on end! good job peitz!
********** by miran
This has to be one of the best games ever! Addictive gameplay accompanied by excellent graphics, sounds and music and it is original. What else do you need in a computer game?
Very good simple game. The game needs somthing more but i cant tell what. One of the best non killing games ive seen in a while!
The thing I like the most is that you have to go against your Mario style jumping intuitions and just go for it. I'm considering deleting this game so I don't get addicted :)
the most addictive game ive ever played. 1000 times more than snood.
A D D I C T I V E! (I just got 11384 points!)
********** by Derezo
Very great game. The gameplay is absolutely astonishing. :) Extremely addictive though, that's the only flaw ;) Definately deservant of all the good comments here! Everything in the game fits perfectly together. The music, the character, the level design, everything. Great Job!
I give you an A on this one, cous it made my laugh really hard. Just entering the game listenling to that lill' tune made me laugh wide open. A Really addicting game there :-)
Brilliant game! I started playing it on Thursday night, and couldn't stop playing! Ten out of ten!
Very good game and very playable. Something one shouldn't start playing while trying to do some work, because the work won't get done that way :). After a while there seem to get problems with the fullscreen driver - colors get kinda inversed, at least the colors are all screwed up.
********** by wit
Holy Banana! How can a simple game like this be that good?! jeez... WIT :D
********** by kdevil
One incredibly addictive game, keep up the good work!
Why can't I stop playing this game!?!?!? This is a great game. Graphics, sound, music, all top notch, and... its addicting! .. (Woohooo...)
This is a great game. Everything is very professional looking. Plus its a fun game to boot. Keep up the great work Johan.
Very interesting game and fun to play. It is the best game ever made using allegro, and better then most of the other stuff that you can buy at your local software store. 8-) cout << KEEP_UP->GOOD_JOB << endl;
A very well made game. The graphics and music were impressive and fit the mood of the game. I like all the arcade type "eye candy" effects. Games like this flex Allegro's muscles...good $h!t!!
Addictive as hell

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Get ready for more jumping fun!
Get ready for more jumping fun!
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