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Daniel McKinnon

Daniel McKinnon Member since: 04/23/2000 11:25 PM

“I am a fifteen(15) year old programmer from Prince George, B.C. Canada
I never *learned* how to program, I actually figured it all out, so I tend to learn new languages pretty fast. I'm not a hacker, I like to plot out every program, unless I'm kjsut starting out with a new language.

It all started about five(5) years ago, when we got out 386 for our swim club. I would get my mom to start up a game for me, in DOS, and then I would play, but most of the time, like after school, I would waznt to play a video game, and she wasn't there to get me into the games, So, I quickly picked up on Dos commands that my Mom would enter, and then I quickly found out how to get into the game. (Gobblins, I believe)

After a short period of time, I kind of got board of the game, and my Mom and I searched the computer for other games, (we didn't know what was on there)

We found a few video games, two of which were Gorilla, and Nibbles, but we couldn't seem to get into them, end of that story, I played a different game.

Then, when I was slightly more better with the DOS commands, I found a program called QBasic.
I looked into it, and the mystery was solved. I found Gorilla, and Nibbles. So, my brothers and I would play the games, for a short period of time.

There was a bunch of text, that meant Absolute garbage to me underneath, naturlaly, I started playing with it. I noticed that it made suttle changes in the game.
I poked around for a while, until the gorillas had square heads, and evberything was very wonky, but pleasable.
It was indeed cool.

Shortly after, I found the help file, copied examples, ran the programs, and viola, there were programs.

One day, I actually completed the feat of making a program ALL by myself. Most of them at first were crap, like
Who Sucks?: You
You Sucks

But, in a couple of weeks, I made a game. It was really cool! Field War, I called it.

A couple of two(2) years later, I got a new computer, and I had bigger and better toys to play with, like Internet.

At this time, my friend and I had a huge facination on this game called Cyberdogs. So, We E-Mailed the guy, I asked him this wierd programming question, I don't quite remember what it was.

He suggested that I don't use QBasic, and that I use Turbo-Pascal.
Well, there went my QBasic days.

Three years later, and a strong backup of coding, I learned them all.

Qbasic, VBasic, Pascal, Fortran, Java, Javascript, Batch, C, C++, I think I once listed 23 of those programming-suckers.

There's my programming BIO. I'm sure you never read it.
If you did, it would be very cool if you wrote me an E-Mail.

I have band, punk Music, called Black Lyte. We do cheasy recording in our Bass-players basement, using his computer to enhance them. I play drums, I have been for about a year now.

You can check some of our music out at
It's under the music section.

Thank you.”

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