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Honestly I would give to this game a 9 if it has activity in development... and if it had some more balance in weapons shop. As a game, it has aproximally 8.6/10 (9) as how it's in 0.99c 2. but the inactivity in development and some considerable unbalance at weapons, lowers the rate to 7.7 (8)
As far as Scorched Earth clones go, this one is not bad. Graphics and music are both well done. My only complaint (and it's a big one) is that this game needs a much greater and more balanced variety of weapons. There may be tons of them but most are just variations of a basic, circular explosion.
Very nicely polished. I love the anime/manga inspired cartoon graphics and the funny text bubbles. It's a bit unfair to be killed by one of the more powerful weapons before you get to fire a single shot. Maybe it should be made impossible to fire those in the first round?
Has a lot of potential, but the uiser intreface (esp. weapon selection) needs some refinement. Download it and give it a try - it's a nice game.
The game is nice, but the download size (40MB) is a bit much. Sometimes it is incredibly easy to nuke someone on the first shot. Despite some minor flaws, its very well done.
ShadowFang(programmer) and Smackbringer(artist) have been working on this for a couple of years now and I can tell its starting to pay off! The game is gonna go online soon so keep checking the website and enter the forum and tell them what you think and give us your ideas.
********** by miran
@0.53: Awesome game especially considering it's only 60% finished. All it needs is some nice music and loads of levels and it'll be production quality...
********** by nowiz
This game is excellent. A worthy unofficial sequel to one of my favourite games. This is one of the more well polished games around here. (And it's just a demo release!) Only problem is that I don't have anyone to play against... ;-) Keep up the good work!
******** by kdevil
A very good game overall, and would probably be better with other people to play against instead of the sometimes-extremely-stupid AI.

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