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Simon Parzer

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Simon Parzer has rated 12 projects with an average score of 6.42
Abrir archivos del blender con allegro   ****
This is a little utility to show blender files with AllegroGL. It also supports animations, cameras and lights. The included demo file is not too interesting, but this thing has potential. If you want to make a 3D game you definitely should look at the source code of this entry.
Akilah! 2006   ******
Your task is to "run around as Akilah and flick people off", as the author states. The gameplay is basically clicking on photos of students (people from his class) appearing in front of you. Akilah then raises her middle finger and the students disappear. The game is polished and easy to follow.
Alletris   *****
icon A complete tetris game with highscores, music, sound and everything. Nice effects for the line disappearing thing. Gamplay is normal tetris. Critic points: - background is "just blue" - no fullscreen mode - rotation of the parts is handled differently to the original tetris
AmK Snake   ****
A classical snake/worm/nibbles game. The good point is that the gameplay works as expected, although the controls seem a little inaccurate. Minus points for the language (it is clearly not English) and for the fact that there is a photo of the author in the credits and that you can't skip them.
Apple Game   **
icon This game is bad! Ugly graphics No fun Poor sound 5-year-old children don't want to play this (I know that! My little brother is also 5 years old)
Atomic Butcher   **********
icon Excellent platformer! Well done and bug-free. Great music and interesting story. The only annoying thing is that the game state is only saved at the end of each level... and the levels are very long!
Bottoms Up   ********
icon This game is very much fun, but there are also a few mistakes. - The 3d-view is not very good - The later levels are too hard I think it's a good game and a new concept. Everyone should try it!
Hippy's Trip   ******
icon This game is good, but not very good! The levels are too hard and not very diversified.
Icy Tower   **********
icon The best game in Depot
KBall   **********
icon This game is really great fun! It's a pity that there aren't more levels. But I think you will make more, because this is only a beta... That's why I give the game "Excellent"-Rating..
Tom the Tomato   **********
icon This game is very funny and the music is great!!! Give it a try...
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