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Rachel Morris

  • icon Four-player Smash bros style gameplay with NES-style graphics. Created for TIGsource's Bootleg Demakes competition, this is my entry. You have eight characters to choose from, and six maps. Windows and Mac binaries, as well as source available ...
  • icon This is a simple two-player one-computer board game. On your turn you click a cow, and the eight surrounding cows also get tipped. Once all the cows are tipped, whoever had tipped the most cows wins. The graphics are all original by me, and all the ...
  • icon Daphne in Space is just a basic shoot 'em up I made during one night. It's playable, but since the game's baddies appear randomly it is harder than Gradius and other ones that have scripted levels. I have worked on balancing it out, ...
  • icon Splodeybugs have invaded Ayne's kingdom of Lenxion! Play through the four levels, killing bugs and unlocking doors to proceed. Really, this is just a prototype and not a fully-fledged game. Lots of features are missing, but any reviews would be ...
  • icon This is a game where you pick sticks out of a yard. Yep. It's what you get when you take requests for games! Move with arrow keys, pick up sticks infinitely. Very very basic game. If you can even call it a game. I should totally make a ...
  • icon Quix Attax is a simple four player-one computer game. The new version features gamepad support, barriers, frag limit counter, res barrier, all original graphics and sound, and less bugs. For a while there was a bug where some characters would be able ...
  • icon You are a dinosaur! Navigating labyrinths! Except in this early version the only level is a neighborhood. More to come soon! Windows and Mac binaries, as well as source available on the website!
  • icon Shopping Mall is a game I made for a 5 year old girl, who is my boyfriend's cousin. Based loosely on another allegro game, "Lisa 'n' Jane", ( I found that game to be too hard for ...
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