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Depot Games: Cow Tippin

Current Version: 1.0

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site, Gameplay Video

Category: Board Games

Developers: Rachel Morris

Number of Players: 2 (Turn Based (Local))

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: This is a simple two-player one-computer board game. On your turn you click a cow, and the eight surrounding cows also get tipped. Once all the cows are tipped, whoever had tipped the most cows wins.

The graphics are all original by me, and all the coding is by me, but the sounds/music are from RPG Maker and Legend of Mana.

This is a remake of one of my Visual Basic 5.0 games, but in the original version it used winsock and the cows explode, but I took out the exploding because this is for my bf's 4 year old cousin.

Please let me know what you think, what would make it better (besides online support, I know!), and if you find any bugs!

((I have noticed that the game doesn't work right when you hit reset, I will fix that when I have time))

Thanks for checking out my game!

Get the latest binaries and source from the website!

Gameplay image
Gameplay image
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 6.0
  • 61.0: The game worked fine and it has a fair amount of polish but the actual gameplay could be better. Instead of just tipping the surrounding 8 cows maybe it would be more fun to do a floodfill and tip any cows that can be touched. Compiled fine in linux.
The Developer
Rachel Morris
Rachel MorrisI am a software engineer in Kansas City who likes to program games and make game dev tutorials in my free time. I maintain , my project webpage, as well as the small community based around it. I have some tutorials on YouTube under LusikkaMage. (View Profile)