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NyanKoneko has rated 14 projects with an average score of 7.43
AfterBurn   ******
icon The presentation is nice in this game. My only real complaint is the controls. When you press down or up, the ship jerks up and down. It's hard to explain unless you played the game. Plus scissors in space? Very silly! It's definately worth playing once or twice though. Good job!
Bobilly-Wobilly   ********
icon This game is very fun! It really shows how a simple idea can be taken and turned into something enjoyable. The use of Masking for the GUI is really cool! The AI could be better and a little more work could go into the game, which is the only reason it doesn't get a 5/5. Totally awesome! PS: I like how you can change the color of your character!
Dr. Mario Online   **
icon First of all, there's no music. =) But more importantly, the game isn't very playable. I push up and it rotates the pill at light speed. Plus what's up with the homestar runner icons? =P But other than that, it runs, and that in itself is an acomplishment. =)
Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition   **********
icon OMG, This game is increadible. I love christmas and I love your game. It's so amazingly fun and well put together. It's so professional! I'm so impressed!
Horace goes skiing   **********
icon I thought this was the funniest game I've played in a long while! The controls are a little weird though. How come I can't do anything after I fall down on my skis? I have to restart the application. Anyways, I laughed a ton with this game, and I'm showing it to all my really cool friends!
Lord of the Stars   ********
icon For a speedhack, this game comes across as highly professional. One will hardly believe that this was created in a single weekend. The game is a little hard to control, and the difficulty is way too hard, but the overall experience is fun. You'll enjoy the humorous dialogs between the characters as well. Good job!
Magic Bubbles   ********
Very solid and cute puzzle game. =) I've played games similar to this before, but the style and presentation make this a real keeper. A lot of these puzzle games never really do get old. =)
Nutella Factory Hijacker   ****
Even though this is a speedhack, this game could have been better. There's no music or sound, and the graphics, for the most part, look quickly drawn. I had a hard time understanding how to play the game at first too, so it's anything but intuitive. This game should be played for keen sense of humor instead of its gameplay value.
One to one soccer   ******
icon Although the game lacks depth, it's still actually kind of interesting. It's not soccer though, it's some other weird ball game. If you add more depth (graphics, sounds, gameplay tweaks, etc...), it might make the game more interesting.
Outer-Rim Pod Digger   **********
icon Personally, I think this a real gem, if for no other reason, it's really neat graphics and concept. It's a bit like Lemmings, in which you have to direct the little aliens to the ship and the like. It COULD be better in overall style and implimentation, but comparing outter-rim pod digger to most of the stuff on, it's way above what we usually see. Good job!
Paranoid   **********
icon This is a good example of retro-styled gaming awesomeness. I love the demo-stylish feel of this game! The game itself is also good implementation of akanoid. The only thing I would improve would to make it easier to see if drops are good or bad. One thing about the drops though is that they drop down the screen at a reasonable speed, unlike some other akanoid clones. This is really fun! I reccomend it to everyone, plus it has a great selection of mods from the modarchives.
Space Pixels   ******
I don't think it's supposed to look that great, but some of the musical selections and gameplay are a little off. Not bad for a speed hack. =D Good job Walter.
Xelda   ********
icon This is really good for a weekend worth of programming. Excellent control, timing, and graphics. I'm really impressed with this title. Granted it's not the best game ever, but keep in mind that this is a speed hack and enjoy it for its simplicity and humor. Great job Amarillion!
Zasx   ********
icon This is easily one of the better asteroids-type games ever! Especially for a speed hack, it's REALLY good. You're very tallented.
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