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Linley Henzell

  • A tribute to Freespace 2 and Squadron in 2 dimensions and 8 bits.
  • My take on Molez/Liero. The sequal to Captain Pork's World of Violence. If you've played Liero you'll know the basic idea: a side-on 2D game where you dig through a system of tunnels and try to defeat various opponents with similar ...
  • My take on Molez/Liero. The sequel, Captain Pork's Revenge, is a lot better in almost every possible way.
  • icon Excellent Bifurcation came second in the 2007 Autofire competition! It doesn't have a website yet so all I have is a link to the competition registration thread on (with the game attached to the end of the first ...
  • This is my entry to the Options competition. It's a musical shoot-em-up influenced by rRootage, Radiant Silvergun and Rez. Among other things it makes extensive use of Allegro's 8-bit transparency and palette shifting ...
  • A real-time strategy/programming game about defending or attacking computer systems. You can play it as an RTS, and also write your own units ("processes") using the game's built-in C compiler. Has single-player and asynchronous ...
  • icon An arcade-style game for 1 or 2 players (splitscreen, cooperative or duel). It's sort of a cross between Spacewar and Centipede, if that makes any sense. You fight your way through many levels full of strange creatures and machines, upgrading your ...
  • An RTS/coding game about processes battling for control of a computer system.
  • icon For too long has humanity been ruled by cruel and disputatious gods! Fly through the various layers of the Celestial Oversphere to unseat those who control the universe. This is my latest game, Overgod. It's similar to my last game, Lacewing, but ...
  • Spacewar! versus Warning Forever. Destroy the hellspider, then quake in terror as it returns in a new and more horrifying form! The player's ship in this game handles a bit like the ship in Asteroids, but the point of view is fixed so the ...
  • icon Shoot-em-up game with strange 8-bit pastel colours and partly random music. Three stages, five fighters, many hours of agonising frustration. Have fun!
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