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Depot Games: Overgod

Current Version: 1.0

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #1 during June 2008

Links: Web Site, Windows binary (zipped, about 2MB), Mac binary (dmg, about 2MB), Source code (zipped, about 1.7MB), Source code (.tar.gz, about 1.7MB), Source code only without data files (zipped, about 200KB)

Category: Action

Developers: Linley Henzell

Number of Players: 1 (Split Screen)

Ports: OS X, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: For too long has humanity been ruled by cruel and disputatious gods! Fly through the various layers of the Celestial Oversphere to unseat those who control the universe.

This is my latest game, Overgod. It's similar to my last game, Lacewing, but better in almost every way. Basically, you control a little vehicle in the middle of the screen and fly around and shoot things - a bit like asteroids, but the asteroids move independently and shoot back. You can also upgrade your vehicle in various ways.

Features include:
- Over 100 different enemies
- Lots of randomness and chaos
- Various different modes and unlockable challenges
- 1 or 2 players (splitscreen)
- Pretty low system requirements (about 300MHz is plenty, and it doesn't need any kind of fancy graphics card)
- Days of fun!

It should compile on any platform supported by Allegro. Windows and Mac binaries are provided at the moment, as is source code (it's under the GPL). The links are all to sourceforge, which is a little cumbersome, but for various reasons I'm releasing this through Internet cafes and the Library so that's what you get. Have fun!

(Thanks to Michael Faerber for helping with Linuxisation and pointing out bugs, and Peter Hull for helping with the Mac version and finding another bug)


Name Comments Size Date Source Code 1,774,796 05/30/2007 8:53 PM Windows Binary 2,047,291 05/30/2007 8:54 PM
Overgod_1.dmg OS X Binary 2,053,177 05/30/2007 8:55 PM
Attacking a large triangle
Attacking a large triangle
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.9
  • 9Superb game, wonderfully difficult. I've just completed it after 6 odd months. Works fine with linux, OS X doesn't handle it though. Certainly a time waster, but hey, what else have you got to do?
  • 9What an absorbing and fun game, even though I haven't managed to get past level four yet. There are some issues with the Mac port, namely game options not affecting anything, the high scores table not persisting between game loads and some crashes when the craft is hit, or collides with the <b>...</b>
  • 10wow! It's really fun to play it with a friend
The Developer
Linley Henzell
Linley HenzellNot much to put here. Writing games is fun. I don't have a proper website at the moment, so click on the Depot link above to see my Allegro games. (View Profile)