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Superb game, wonderfully difficult. I've just completed it after 6 odd months. Works fine with linux, OS X doesn't handle it though. Certainly a time waster, but hey, what else have you got to do?
********* by _YakR_
What an absorbing and fun game, even though I haven't managed to get past level four yet. There are some issues with the Mac port, namely game options not affecting anything, the high scores table not persisting between game loads and some crashes when the craft is hit, or collides with the <b>...</b>
********** by Seppl
wow! It's really fun to play it with a friend
After all those opinions I thought this was a great game. I pity my time spent testing it.
********** by Dennis
The random gameplay guarantees for hours of fun. Graphics and sound fit very well. Everything feels just right :). It's one of the few games that actually deserve being called "game".
This is one of the absolute best Allegro games I've ever played. The theme and the sound is very novel, and the gameplay is superb. The difficulty takes just a bit to get used to but is almost perfectly balanced to have hours of gameplay. There are so many different enemies in this game it could take a week to see them all.
This game is very polished; the graphics and sound are excellent, and the gameplay is unique, if not too difficult for me personally. I like the music, which seems to be created from a combination of sounds loaded from Wave sound files, an approach I would not have thought of using.
Stylish, fun and different. Excellent work! :)
I have not seen any Allegro game with such cool graphics, such a number of game modes, extras and support for many platforms. It's excellent! (although I usually just come until level 2 or 3 :-)
Well, your game is excellent. Too bad it's too hard to play, cause I like the graphics and game mood. You did really well, it reminds me of tron, but not as to be a copy of, but as it's really inovative and completely new (unseen) game graphics style.
Attacking a large triangle
Attacking a large triangle
The Developer
Linley Henzell
Linley HenzellNot much to put here. Writing games is fun. I don't have a proper website at the moment, so click on the Depot link above to see my Allegro games. (View Profile)