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Kris Asick

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Kris Asick has rated 16 projects with an average score of 7.63
ALGIG   ********
icon Who would’ve ever thought heavy metal music, Diablo and Mortal Kombat influenced design, and BEJEWELED would make a good combination? The sound effects are awesome too. However, if you shy away from blood and/or heavy metal you probably shouldn’t play this version...
Charred Dirt   *******
icon As far as Scorched Earth clones go, this one is not bad. Graphics and music are both well done. My only complaint (and it's a big one) is that this game needs a much greater and more balanced variety of weapons. There may be tons of them but most are just variations of a basic, circular explosion.
Crabber   ****
icon There’s some potential here, but as it stands the game is nothing special. Just collect stuff and dodge enemies. Movement is tile-locked, but playable. Built-in editor is a plus.
Crossfire   ******
icon I once owned the real version of this game. This digital remake has plenty of graphical features, plus the choice of music is good, but it really needs more gameplay features, such as the triangle puck, limited ammo, and the ability to change the viewing angle. The controls are also a bit sensitive.
Glassbreaker   ***
Caution: This game has a bit of swearing. Beyond that, as far as the gameplay goes, it gets pretty boring pretty fast due to a lack of variety. More houses to go up against would help. Many of the ripped voices from Duke Nukem and South Park feel out of place too.
Harold's Hills   **********
icon This is a fully polished game that everyone should try at least once! (Regardless of how far away Christmas happens to be.) The gameplay is very smooth and surprisingly addictive despite the lack of depth the game has. Controls, sound, music and graphics, it’s all good! Stat tracking is a plus <b>...</b>
Lacewing   **********
icon Ok, I'll admit, this game is hard as nails, but at the same time it's balanced, fun and addictive. Plus its sheer variety of ships and powerups keeps you from playing it the same way twice! (My favourite ships are Aether Squid and Prong.)
Membrane Massacre   *********
A very well executed and excellent game overall. My only complaints are minor: It's lacking some polish, isn't completely play balanced and it gets repetative. I'm glad Steve took the time to make this more than just a one/two week project.
Operation Spacehog   *********
icon A good, all-around space shooter, but a rapid-fire button would've kept my interest a lot longer... (Incidentally, my fingers hurt after I finished playing this...)
Pangaea   *****
This platformer may look good, and may have some interesting features, but the controls and overall level design are infuriating, such as no visual cues where you can safely fall, extremely loose jumps, and having to start levels all over if you die. (Note: There's no sound or music.)
Rnixa's Secret 2   *******
This is a slow-paced, but otherwise fairly good adventure game. It has a retro SVGA feel and the controls are OK. Only cons are that the sound design feels unfinished and there’s a bit too much backtracking. Works best as a game to relax with.
Spaceship   *****
icon Nothing more than a very average space shooter. Controls in-game are OK, but in the menus they're erratic. The music is OK, but extremely repetitive, as is the overall level design. Graphics are hit and miss, with most being good but a few being very out of place and low quality.
XOP   **********
icon The game is VERY difficult, but in that fun coin-op way. In fact, this game plays JUST LIKE an arcade machine! My current high score is 238,635 on skill 2 :)
XOP Black   *********
icon For some reason I remember XOP being harder than this... Ah well. The game's still excellent, though I miss having multiple weapons.
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