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Kikaru has rated 13 projects with an average score of 8.15
Blessed   ********
A very nice game! A little hard in some sections, but that is expected. Very nice music. :)
Blobotron   ******
icon It's a fairly decent robotron clone, but the sounds get pretty annoying, and everything, including all shots, wrap around. Kinda weird, that.
Dodger   ********
icon I almost forgot to write a review! Anyway, this game is very fun. The best time I have been able to get is 15 sec. I like this game. :)
Fenix Blade   *****
icon It is a really nice game, good mechanics, good story, neat idea, but 2 compliants: 1) I don't like how the characters look, 2) the game movement, and more so the battles, are too slow. Sorry, this game can only get a 5. :(
Force Majeure   *********
An amazing game! The graphics remind me of Metal Slug. Can't wait for the full version!
Frenetic Plus   *******
icon Amazing! I'm addicted. I noticed there is a slight strategy element for some of the later levels, for dodging shots and hitting the enemies. My only suggestion would be to add a readme file. It took a bit to figure it out. :)
Garden of Coloured Lights   *******
I'm not very good at the game yet, but it's awesome. Only problem so far: It hangs at least once every time I try to reconfigure the controls for the keyboard.
Loveless   *********
A very nice game! Addictive gameplay, awesome music, and nice graphics. It's VERY hard, though.
OPong   *********
icon It's a very nice game. The mouse is a little hard to move to the edges, but that is probably because I have a very large desktop size. No glitches, nice "spin", good sounds, and a fun pseudo 3-D effect on the whole game. All in all, an awesome time waster. A LAN vs mode would be really awesome.
Toggles   *********
icon Wow! With this update, the game gets even better! I really like this game. It rocks. Download it now.
Zep's Dreamland   **********
icon Very good game! I played it for about 3 hours straight, which is a very long time for me. Excellent game, though I had to skip level 23. Anyway, great game! :)
Zombiepox   *********
icon Awesome game! A little awkward in parts, but very nice. I first saw this game about 3-4 years ago. :)
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