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JaTeR has rated 14 projects with an average score of 9.14
Aggression   **********
Smash! Bash! Crunch! ok. now i'm getting carried away.. this is just magnificently beautiful!
Allegro Font Editor   ********
icon sweet. now there's actually a GOOD font editor! Thank You Miran! We Praise Thee! Definitly good if you want to make your own fonts..
Allegro Sprite Editor   ********
icon Confusing as Heck.. but then so is Blender.. :) hmm.. my previous problem with this was that it would do "black screen" but no more! yay! I should learn it! but i'm to lazy! ok! thats enough exlamation points! *bang!*
Chaos Funk   **********
yay! chaos funk! lets see, um.. well, the graphics rock (neato vectorizatio), and the sounds are cool, mm.. and as soon as all the features are added it will be a kickass game! especially if you loved the game when you were younger (i'd never heard of it.. :P)
EGG   ******
very pretty looking particles... but has this in practice been used effectively?
Fenix Blade   **********
icon wonderful! definitly *the* most professional game on the depot! a MUST-PLAY!
Icy Tower   **********
icon One of the most addictive games i have played for a loooong time.. No more need for mindless gameplay! I could go play this for days on end! good job peitz!
Joyrider   ********
Excellent! Excellent! a lovely game, straight in the vein of GTA.. very very nice.. just a LITTLE unfinished.. but if it ever gets finished.. i'll be there to download it.
Reflexion   **********
icon Exellent game! Download now! The only problem as I see it is that there isn't enough Green Day background music. wait. never mind. it rocks, download it. Oh! I remember what my problem was! wheren't the blocks going to have ai? oh well.. it rocks!
RTL - realtime lighting demo   **********
the smoothest lighting this side of heaven.. the game itself isn't to hot.. but that isn't the point now is it?
WormHole   **********
an excellent screensaver, my only gripe is that after you move the mouse while its in screensaver mode, windows doesn't display your icons for a couple seconds.. and thats no biggy.. good job!
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