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James Bunting

  • Bubbles is a simple but taxing puzzle game that is very similar to Cascade for the Psion. The object of the game is to clear the board of bubbles by clicking on them using the mouse. However you can only remove bubbles that are clustered. Basically ...
  • ROD is a sort of 2D shooter. It is not a scrolling space ship game! It is more of a "drive" around picking up items and blasting away loads of different types of baddies game! You drive a special lead tank around a base in the middle of a ...
  • This is a game designed for 1 or 2 players on the same PC. Its a great way of solving disputes or deciding who is going to buy lunch! The object of the game is to collect 25 tokens before your opponent. Nice and simple.
  • Meteor   *********
    This is military based shooter (rather like C&C meets Doom) where you control the main character. There are loads of cool weapons, ammo and other neat stuff. You can play it with your buddies too (LAN or Internet in both cooperative and head to head ...
  • icon Meteor 2 takes the pounding gameplay from the original Meteor to create a whole new game using a new sector based terrain engine. M2 features full mod support, full-blown integrated editors, 64 player Internet/LAN play, 16 bit sector based graphics ...
  • icon Mowteor is a simple game where you have to cut grass before the clouds rain and make it grow back. The game makes fun of Meteor (a game a made a while back) and can be quite challenging. Map, tile and sprite editors are included as well as Meteor style ...
  • Potato Dude 3D is a freeware kids face making game using animated 3D models. There are several characters to pick from and you can play with your freinds or kids using a network. This game was created using AllegroGL and ENet.
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