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GameCreator has rated 8 projects with an average score of 8.25
Agent Manzana   ******
Plays fairly well though racing against time and collecting the apples just didn't do it for me, especially when there are so many apples in each level. Could be a great game with some additions and changes.
Alex the Allegator 4   **********
icon Alex 4 is very professionally done and quite enjoyable. The map editor and the unlockable mini-game are nice bonus treats for those who like extras. Looks great. Sounds great. Plays great.
Anthem of Dread   ********
Great start and looks promising. It already has a comfortable feel to it but I would imagine that may change drastically over the course of development.
Becherdo   ********
The gameplay is essentially the main character going from screen to screen, in order, as you try to answer multiple-choice quiz questions. Still the game is pretty fun as the story is different and the game is professionally done. (Note: Despite the screenshots the game does have an English option.)
Conny Carrot - Quest for Revenge   ********
icon A simple game but fun. The learning curve is perfect and it's got everything a game should have for something relatively simple. I would suggest expanding the game to make it full-length with bosses and cutscenes (though for a short game the intro and ending were perfect).
Icy Tower   ********
icon Fluid gameplay but it does get repetitive after a while as nothing changes once you've learned how to play. Despite that the game is well made and a fun way to waste a couple of hours.
Revenge of the Ketchup 2: Tomato Paste   ********
icon The demo (first two levels) played well and there really isn't much to complain about. I look forward to the completed game.
Zep's Dreamland   **********
icon I'd just like to agree with everyone else that this game is very worth playing, all the way through.
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