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An Ly

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An Ly has rated 13 projects with an average score of 6.46
Baroll   ******
Pretty addictive game although gets quite dificult quickly. Some annoying parts such as the lack of infinite lives (but unlimited continues), having to redo levels over and over to progress, and no save games or passwords of note. Good bright graphics though and fun while it lasts.
Buggers   ******
Pretty addictive game with nice colourful graphics. Some annoying parts (such as aliens firing from point blank range). Lack of a 2 player option also lets this game down.
Deluxe Snake   ******
icon Good snake game with smooth graphics and nice powerups. Would have liked to see more in terms of music and sound effects but whats there is functional and works well.
Drops of Light   ******
icon Not a bad game. Very difficult to get into without knowledge of colour addition/subtraction, but once you get the hang of it, it's quite fun. Graphics are boring but functional but soon you'll be so stuck in the game you won't notice!
Firecrow   ********
Not bad for a shooter. Nice graphics and damn cool music. The game is very short though (1 level) and way too easy. Also, the weapons balance isn't great with no need to strategically change guns through the game. Still, good fun while it lasts.
Fruit Land   ******
Okay puzzle game which can get pretty frantic as the time limit is short. However, the character moves VERY slowly which can get annoying. Still, the puzzles are good with a not too steep learning curve.
Operation Black Sun   ******
Nice stylishly presented game. However, the learning curve is set WAY too high as controlling the ship is a nightmare initially. Enemies are pretty silly sometimes and the maps are quite boring. Still a fun little game.
Operation Black Sun 2   ****
icon Not a playable game yet!
Operation Spacehog   ********
icon Good game although the lack of a decent autofire means tired fingers and shorter playtime. The ships aren't all that well balanced, the enemy fire can be a little odd (firing in the opposite direction!), and the waves/background a little repetitive. Still a fun shooter... even better than firecrow!
Qubrikon   ******
Not a bad game. The puzzles rely mainly on dissociating groups of colours and mentally walking through it like a maze. Only a handfull of levels and the crazy last ones limits its lifetime. However, the level editor helps things along.
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