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Depot: Zaxxon RetroRemake


I've played the old Zaxxon as well. This one is really close to the old Zaxxon and I like it a lot!
First off, I'm giving it 5 stars since it's a faithful remake. All the frustration of not knowing how high to go is in here :) All kidding aside, this game is fun. Some music wouldnt hurt, but I don't believe it was in the original. Open source would have been nice, but we can't be too picky about that, right? Good game!
Very original concept (well, ok, so it's a remake, but still), but it is frustratingly hard to judge at which height level you need to be to hit enemies. Great production values. Highscores list would be better if you could enter longer names.
Hahaha, amazing! I used to play this game in MSX. This version is much better. The game is a bit unstable yet. Other than that it is awesome! Congrats man =)
I still have the coleco cartridge somewhere... Very good remake, I cant seem to get past the fighting enemy ships part either, it's really hard to tell how high the enemy ships are... (just like the original...) you should modify it up a bit and make it more original -- maybe use effects that make higher objects slightly "bigger" to simulate closer to the camera... etc it's good so far...
A good remake. Hopefully you will be able to make this more stable because the game crashed several times. I join anto80 opinion that a difficulty-setting is a good idea, I could not go beyond the "Enemy planes" stage. The game-menu is just what I expect from a menu to be: easy to navigate, clear and nicely designed. Game graphics same like the original, and the game play is good. I recommend that you mute the game-sound when game-demo is played, and better sound-FX would help.
********** by anto80
v0.4.123: Great! Great! Great! I owned the original game on Colecovision! Pretty nice clone with enhanced graphics(shades..)! However I wish I had a difficulty setting. Very good anyway. I wonder what will be implemented now(as i consider it 99% finished & polished)!
v0.4.123) I haven't played the original, but this game definitively rocks:) Controls are a bit hard to get used to, but once you do you feel you have a great game in front of you. Nice retro fell, too.
v0.4.123: A good remake of the original idea, together with some decent graphics. Definitely one to look at.
********** by kentl
Very impressive! I played the original on the C64 and this definitly is a high quality remake! Same game as the original but with better graphics! NICE JOB!!
Impressive for such an early build. If you have ever played the original, you should do yourself a favor and check this one out. Looks like it will be a top notch remake.

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