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Depot: Super Monster Painter Extreme


The game is polished, the graphics are great and the music is neat. Download it, play it and be suprised how hard it a seemingly simple game can be :)
Gameplay is fun for a few minutes, but it doesn't last. Everything else is so good you almost want to keep playing regardless.
Is this the best program ever? I think it may just be!
Great graphics and music give the game a polished feel. An interesting idea, but the gameplay de-generates into button-bashing after a while.
The game is slick, but the actual gameplay lacks the excitement necessary for its kind. However, it's a good effort for what was a two-week mini-project.
Although the graphics and the sound and the overall polish is great, as we are used to from FLD, I find the gameplay very limited. The idea of mixing colors we have seen before in other puzzle games and after a while it just boils down to spraying a lot of paint around and hoping you hit something.
It's a really fun game. The idea is great, gameplay is fun and addicting at times. Graphics, sound and music are all cool its an overall awesome game Johan. The one thing is that with stationary tubes you have to wait for a monster to get in 1 of 2 certain spots that they can be squirted.
********** by ITM
Very professional :) It's really a great and original game. That's worth trying it with a good friend! Maybe that's a bit too hard though...
********** by miran
GFX - 100%, idea - 95%, gameplay - 85%, SFX - 100%, music - 80% (total - 92%)

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The Developer
Johan Peitz
Johan PeitzMmmm... Video games! (View Profile)