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Depot: Paranoid


This game features great and challenging gameplay. The graphics have a unique feel to them which adds to the atmosphere of the game. Also features nice retro sounds. An overall excellent game.
This is a good example of retro-styled gaming awesomeness. I love the demo-stylish feel of this game! The game itself is also good implementation of akanoid. The only thing I would improve would to make it easier to see if drops are good or bad. One thing about the drops though is that they drop down the screen at a reasonable speed, unlike some other akanoid clones. This is really fun! I reccomend it to everyone, plus it has a great selection of mods from the modarchives.
Clever use of the scanline effect, but it's nice that it can be disabled. This is very solid, if no frills, remake of breakout. Mouse control would be an excellent addition, bringing more skill, precision, and playability to the game (even the classic breakout games used trackballs!).
This a technically amazing game that succeeds 100% percent to provide the retro feel the developer wanted. As far as breakout/arkanoid clones go, it's good as a game too.
Solid and professional. I didn't have it crash. Sound is excellent, the variety of music from level to level was refreshing, too.
Very cool retro goodness. I could see myself playing this on my gameboy. I liked being able to switch the drawing mode. The ball does move a bit slow, and the powerups are a tad bit hard to understand in the beginning. But you get used to them fast.
******** by H
It's a nice game which really took you back in time as the author promised. Still, it lacks features preventing it from being repetitive, and I also found the ball's way of bouncing a little strange sometimes.
Nice but pretty standard. I found it hard to distinguish the powerups, they are too similar in appearance. The ball moves pretty slowly which makes it easier than the average arkanoid clone
It's an excellent game, but I personally cannot play very long with the monochrome-ish display. I thought the sound and music were both appropriate.
Good remake of the old school breakout. The game crashed at level 3, though. For what it is supposed to be, its very well done!
The Developer
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