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This was fun and I recommend it if you're looking for a good 'old RPG. The graphics are aren't amazing but certainly charming. The game play difficulty level is somewhat steep, and thats the biggest complaint I have against this game. Other than that, great job!
The graphics, music, dialog, etc fit together well, even if some parts are slightly annoying. In the genre of retro, NES style of RPGs, it could be very good. But... it ends just as it starts to pick up. Nonetheless, if you're a fan of these types of RPGs, you should give it a try.
******** by Timorg
I just finished the game, it took just over 8 hours, but I did waste some time as I didn't explore the map properly. I really enjoyed this, it is very polished, and if you take it in the context of the style of the game, the art and sound are great. If you enjoy this style of game its worth a play.
****** by amber
A nice solid retro RPG. The graphics are ok, not great. I liked the music but it was a little repetitive. The fights were also a little bit tough and tedious, but maybe that's just part of being a retro RPG. It's not my favorite genre but if you like this genre, it's a great little game.
****** by Dennis
I like the music, especially the battle music. The graphics could do with an overhaul. I personally think that the long time spent on levelling up and accumulating gold is a bit too tedious to be any fun in the long run but maybe that is just typical for a solid oldschool RPG.
Graphics: Simplistic, but done well. Storyline: Not difficult to understand role of main character Difficulty: Extremely difficult, very tedious to level up, earn money Controls: Intuitive and easy to use
Talking to the farmer.
Talking to the farmer.
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Trent Gamblin
Trent GamblinOne of the big fat guys of this generation. (View Profile)