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Great game. Good graphics, music, sound, and gameplay. I played on medium and breezed through the game, only losing when bad guys suddenly appeared on the screen where I happened to be positioned. If it wasn't for that, it'd be worth a 9.
Graphics are good with some very nice particle effects. Sound effects could use some work. Some of the music doesn't really fit the game. Weapons purchase system is cool. The gameplay is too easy and boring. There's just too much empty space to move around in, making it easy to avoid having to fire on most enemies except the bosses. More variation in enemy attack and movement patterns would be nice.
A decent shooter game, inspired by Raptor. Has alot of different weapons to use, and a good number of enemies to blow to bits. The explosion and sound effects are done well. The bosses seemed to be way overdone, though. The first boss shot patterns are impossible to avoid!
Well done. Graphics are OK, but they are consistent. Controls are good. Movement of baddies are a little jerky.
I'll just notice the things I didn't like.I played only medium but after second mission it was all about buying full load of plasma triad.The bosses are weak.No big diffirences between weapons.Eenemies suddenly appear on the screen instead of scrolling in from outside.
******** by miran
Really nice game, good work! There is room for improvement though, like enemy graphics, explosions, sounds, music etc. but overall it's a good solid space shooter...
a pretty nice game. seems alot like an old apogee game named raptor.. kraptor.. raptor?? anyways, i tried to clone that game myself, and my clone was nowhere as good as yours. good job!
This is a cool game. Nice one.

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kronomanI'm student of Engineer in Computer Science. Indie game development, and Harley Davidson bikes are my main hobbies. (View Profile)